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Rochelle Walensky, chief of infectious diseases at Mass. General Hospital as director of the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC on CBS News confirming and now other outlets at Baden intends to nominate retired Army General Lloyd Austin. To be his Defense Secretary. Austin retired is a four star Army general in 2016, CBS News, military consultant and retired Army Colonel Jeff McCausland says. If confirmed, Austin will be the first African American to lead the Pentagon. Some Pentagon leaders Hopefully expressed concern about a growing racial divide in the military that General Austin will confront if, in fact, he is confirmed as secretary of events. Then Secretary defense Mark Esper launched a serious of initiatives during his time in the Pentagon, focusing on diversity and inclusion. Holes of show in service personnel have shown signs of white supremacy are racist ideology among troops and because General Austin retired from the military less than seven years ago, he would also need a waiver from Congress. This is a technicality, but he would need a waiver. In addition to, of course, the Senate confirmation The DACA immigration program is back up and running. The Trump administration has restored Dhaka. The program that gives immigrants illegally brought to the U. S. Is Children a path to citizenship. There are 300,000 potential new applicants and 640,000 current recipients, including immigration Attorney Don't Say Garcia. This is about our families. It's about her community. The Trump administration said the Obama era program was unconstitutional and tried to wind it down. Ah court fight ensued, culminating in Friday's ruling by a federal judge. Reinstated. Wendy Gillette CBS NEWS The U. S attorney's office for Massachusetts, says an elderly property manager in Chick a Pee was demanding sex from tenants. In exchange for a place to live. WBC's Carl Stevens would details. The U. S attorney's office filed a lawsuit alleging that a manager of a couple properties and chicken P 79 year old Salazar does. Santos was subjecting female tenants to unwelcome sexual contact, sometimes locking them in his office and making it clear that if they didn't do what he asked It could be without a place to live. U S attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Welling issued a statement saying no one should be forced to provide sexual favors in exchange for housing. It is a lawsuit meaning somebody might have to pay. In this case, the owners of the properties to family trusts could ultimately pay for this alleged behavior. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio, police say a Fox for a man sent naked pictures of himself to undercover police posing his teenage girls in three different communities. The new report. News says Devon shot was ordered held on bail following his arraignment and Newburyport District Court yesterday. Shaw was charged with sending obscene matter to a minor and enticing a child under the age of 16. He was also arraigned in Behavioral District Court on similar charges, and he's also likely to face additional charges in Ipswich. Bringing the environment to the Internet. WBZ is Chris Pharma tells us about a new program in Somerville. It's about education and outreach to engage Somerville residents in climate action with an ultimate goal to try to get what folks are learning through the program. And bringing that out into the community. The program is led by Hannah Pain, and it's part of a larger initiative called Summerville Climate Forward, which is actively seeking volunteer ambassadors. You needed to be an environmentalist or an activist, just a member of the community, interested in learning and cultivating ideas that could help promote sustainability in this city. Really, we encourage you to hell out with your own skills and what you're interested in and really make it your own. Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's news radio. Make WBZ news radio part of your morning.

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