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Go to, Florida hearing dot com from the Audubon hearing aid studios ninety six seven FM Pasco to nine FM south Tampa nine seventy tell you valet all over Tampa Bay Donald Trump. Versus Andrew gillum, that's Bernie. Sanders and George Soros and That's. How. People are looking at this and it That that that's. Going to become conventional wisdom. It's Trump versus Soros it's Trump versus crazy Bernie What it's gonna be is the American founding versus Venezuela the American. Founding versus socialism that's. What it's going to, be I understand the desire people have to personalize this you know attach. Celebrities are personalities to the vote and so forth but the substance of the governor election in Florida is, real simple it's conservative slash the founding of American type government type of. Country versus this new brand of Democrats socialism which is being advocated by the likes. Of Alexander or kiss your tests And we will see As as time unfolds let's now, go, to the audio soundbites This is the CNN. Lammi Davis story and let me just review for you essentially what happened there back on July. Twenty seven CNN breathlessly ran breaking, news Claiming they had an anonymous source we now know that source Lanny Davis They had an anonymous source saying That it was now fat That Michael Cohen Knew in advance That Donald Trump knew in advance Of the Trump Tower meeting involving Russians visiting and talking with his son and CNN, ran this story breathlessly has no they. Had finally discovered the holy grail they had found the collusion That, the media and journalists had been searching. For for over two years They did not identify their sources Lanny Davis Which I still say remains very curious why? Why would Lanny Davis be they're, anonymous source They got a source. Everybody knows Atlanta Davis is Lanny Davis is a, died in the wool loyal democrat advocate. He? Was the and is the warrior for Cohen And CNN liftoff of this story for a month And. They kept hammering hammering at one of the names one of the bylines on the story for their website was Carl Bernstein of Woodward Bernstein And nobody corrected the story even a Lanny Davis knew this was not true And he knew it wasn't true. Because Michael Cohen had lied Michael Cohen testified to a congressional committee. Or two then he had no knowledge of Trump and, the Trump Tower meeting he. Didn't have any idea Trump knew or didn't know Yet no idea of Trump went yet no. I didn't know a thing and that was his testimony But he had told Lanny Davis something else Supposedly which Lanny then told CNN which CNNN ran their breaking news story and. Couldn't stop having orgasms live on cable television Figured out somehow some weeks later that Cohen had lied to, him Which meant that Lanny had lied to, CNN and the Washington Post because whence he and ran the, story, the Washington Post NCNB all independently. Good firm did they said see that's what journalism is all about And outfit will run a story The New York Times Washington, Post have not heard about it so they get In gear and they try to confirm it with their own sources. In a neighbor ported that they were. Able to confirm with, their own source Lanny Davis was the. Source for everybody And then Lanny had to come clean. At some point which he did recently By saying that he'd made a mistake And there are actually two elements of his Atlanta. Had lied to CNN about the Washington Post the. New York Times have run their so-called corrections the Washington Post, is run a story really ripping Lanny Davis For now. In Cohen for doing great damage to the case against Trump Because nother isn't a case against Trump Everything about the story was. Made up CNN will. Not pull it CNN will. Not correct CNN will not withdraw. It CNN will not change a thing and that is, because I'm convinced as I said, yesterday they're dying to protect the reputation. A legacy of Carl Bernstein Anjem Choudary. There are three other people on the so let's go back To July twenty seven two thousand eighteen, CNN's new day co hosts. Alison Cammarata and. John Berman are breathlessly. Introducing the breaking news breaking news we do begin with breaking news for those of you who have not paid much attention to the Russia investigation today would be a.

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