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Feel it right you know when you listen to something you like are we gonna go to roads right now checking on Brian noble seal this report is right if I use the Sacramento health things rolling pretty good on our freeways around Sacramento eighty from Roseville thirteen minutes to the cap cities split another nine passes what was spent on the cap city freeway gets into downtown eighteen minutes in from elk Grove on either five or ninety nine on I five you pick up speed of foreign road ninety nine that's where you start to slow down also coming out of all northbound ninety nine it simmer horn road left lane was blocked by a four vehicle accidents he'd be in case you've gotten everything over the shoulder out of the roadway front and the back of the breaking up of the back end of it extends all the way to jihad road if you're on highway fifty west not coming in from also ninety minutes to downtown from more than on I five twenty one will do it sixteen if you coming in from Davis he's found eighty across the causeway you have a surface three concern in Carmichael some Elaine fair oaks Boulevard rollover action vehicle came to rest on its side all westbound fair oaks is blocked in that due to that accident traffic they're starting back up join one million people across the nation to change the future of health and role in the all of us use C. Sacramento research program the largest of its kind were researchers learned where what was wrong researchers learn could improve health for generations come to visit all of us use the Sacramento dot com traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one KFBK bright and sunny again today with a high of sixty six to seventy them tonight fair skies with a low of thirty nine to forty three sunshine will mix with some clouds tomorrow with a high between.

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