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Do things with him with the philadelphia eagles based on if they put it on socks was on fox radio was it on showtime it was on showtime all investor all those on fox so yeah fox no you can <hes> the eagles and the redskins fucking game to watch the football team are to n._f._c. of n._f._c. teams the n._f._c. primarily plays on socks so you can have jay rock business team in having them just pump him up opens people will see him out there with the team and let them know that hey i got a big fight against the robbery washington football team in and they're big boxer guy causes. We seen her at mealy washington football game so you can kind of play like they're known sam up against each other before we got the big spike in the day on sunday. We have a big game so so what's your worries on. <hes> you know heard being able to make this way comfortably and come into this guy i mean there was rumors that he was supposed to move up had he not loss is he just coming back to get some get back back and avenged that loss and putting himself in danger or can't make this way. What's your thoughts and keep in mind. He got rid of his trainer. I don't have any worries about her making cars. That's one thing that i've seen what her even. Though he's a bigger guy. He's never had a problem making why he never had to come back to the skills. They do it again when it comes to him making way on how he does but he does it in a way that that that that works for him and i feel a the wait is not the biggest thing going into this fight. He went to the shopping up on some of them skills. Gotta keep stop putting your head down to the right side like holding right there for director here. You know what i'm saying. You got a spice up your boxing. You gotta learn how to jab all the way don't don't they shots on the way here. Don't let ajay rock spain you around like he was. He was just changing the angles constantly on and <hes> you're gonna have to get better on your side fighting to without the fighting was going to be somewhere where you <hes> really really took off. It seems like he had the upper hand on fighting. Inept i fight. I'm interested to see who he brings in to help them with that technical aspect right. He needs a new trainer they. They definitely left his old trainer. So who's it going to be. Who's gonna be for this fight. Who's going to get right and one training camp there. We haven't heard any name thing in the news. I i wouldn't know probably be somebody in the d._c. Area maybe going to send somebody that we're now thinking about somebody that we could possibly be overlooking by somebody online and then you go. I do have a stephen edwards. The trainer of julian williams bradman aka before we get him on but <hes> since you made you wanted suggestion. I dunno tanks trainer right calvin the cabin floor knowing that name he's in an area but but i listen i hear that those gyms all beef with each other so if you ain't cool you ain't ever going. I don't know if he just go and try to go ahead and brian mr brave man stephen edwards. How are you how are things going. Thank you for coming tsuneji to interview you. I know you're busy out. Jim appreciate it. Thank you how you guys doing good man excited that <hes> you guys were able to hammer out well. Allegedly you don't have to confirm or deny but the rumor is that <hes> williams and heard. We'll be back in the ring for rematch december fourteenth. You've barclay center and witches ecstatic. The first peaked about about two point one. It turned out to be an all action affair and to see these two men get back in the ring without without injury and so quick in the same year. We're excited as boxing fans. How 'bout you or the potential possibility of despite <hes> sure you know you always excited to go out there and <hes> you know defend your title and you know more the money more status more prestige hers a formidable opponent..

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