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Around 9000 military ballots that might come by the end of today. It's unknown. How many will come in, and today is the deadline for military ballots to reach their office to be counted. Democrat Joe Biden took a lead of about 1500 votes early this morning, and he also says Since it's so close, Georgia will recount votes for president because of the slim margin. Meanwhile, Biden has also taken the lead, at least for now. In Pennsylvania, with nearly 5600 votes separating him and President Donald Trump. Biden's advisers remain confident he could hold the Keystone State with the moment, um, shifting in his favor. Biden says he alone could sway the blue collar voters who abandon his party to support Donald Trump in 2016 and could rebuild the Democrats. Blue wall in the Midwest that Trump had demolished. The state of Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes up for grabs. No Democratic presidential nominee has won the state since Bill Clinton in 1992, Dan Noone KOGO News. The president says he won't be surprised if the election winds up in the Supreme Court and says Democrats are coming fraud to try to rig an election. He claims Democrats Don't think they could win. That's why they did the mail in ballots. Where this tremendous Corruption and fraud going on. That's why they mailed out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots without any verification measures whatsoever. So far, the president has been unable to provide any evidence of wrongdoing. Here in San Diego County. The registrar's office has added another 73,000 ballots to the result, which is 305,000 remaining. Darrell Issa has increased his lead over Ammar Campa Najjar now 53 to 47% margin of around 15,000 votes. There was no change in the mayor's race with Todd Gloria still up 56 44 over Barbara Brea district to the county supervisor's race between two Republican Steve Boss and Joel Anderson, still too close to call. Boss, The mayor of pal Way is up by about 914 votes. We all have our next report at five o'clock tonight, which, of course, Kogo will bring to you live. The county Register says Mail in ballots have actually helped decrease voter fraud this year with claims of fraud in other parts of the country. San Diego County is moving forward without problems all the notions of widespread voter fraud, particularly with mailboxes, just unfounded. There's been certainly study after study that it's nothing widespread or systemic. That's out there. We've conducted elections where the majority of all votes cast our by mail ballots. We just haven't really seen it at any widespread level. Certainly it's something that we're monitoring and working closely with AA lot first mint agencies that there's any allegations of it, the registrar, saying there's been no issues with fraud around the mail in ballots. In fact, they've actually helped. Update their voter rolls here this year. Jack Kournikova News. The return of in person classes it to Vista Unified High schools is delayed after hundreds of students went to a couple of Halloween parties. Last weekend. Roughly 200 students for Mission Vista and Vista High went to the parties. There was no social distancing. There were no masks. This mother tells reporting partner 10 news. We can't continue just completely disregarding the rules. The schools are now set to resume in person Learning November 16th the district asking parents to get their kids tested if they went to the parties, or if they're showing any symptoms of Cove in Santiago City Council may soon just have one Republican member Chris Kate. Democrats have an 8 to 1 majority after Tuesday's election. What T grab a new path going into an election two years from now and then another election two years after that. Kate is a San Diego native who represents the city's north.

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