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So. This should make everyone. Think heavily about before getting for consumers. This has been worked out great for all of us. And again with third party sales, Amazon takes his cut right off the top regardless of seller cost and margins it curves none of the expensive researching in sourcing products and in investing an inventory and carries none of the risk the goods won't sell. Just as Amazon uses temporary gig workers. Dodge cost and responsibilities logistics operation. It uses third party sellers to offload the expensive inventory. You got to you've got to read this. And, maybe some of US will not be such big fans of Amazon. and. Maybe they are right for. Antitrust. Google zeroed in on. Congress zeroed on Google. Sunder piquet took huge heat from lawmakers. Everyone took fire in a variety of different methods, everything from Chateau banning to digital advertising to privacy practices to working with the military. Listen to this comment. One of the senators representative s whitest Google steel content from honest businesses. The lawmaker was referring to criticism the Google takes content from publishers and other websites which has led to accusation. It hurts competitors. The content is using prepared answers in Google search engine he replied. Instead of just providing a list of links. He said, I disagree with that characterization. Other lawmakers dug into Google including Matt Gaetz Republican from Florida he scrutinise Google relationship with China when he got a second chance to ask questions gates accused. Google. Silencing conservative voices comment. A common refrain among GOP members of Congress. Representative Greg do we also Republican from Florida brought up the theme of Anti Conservative by? He came back and said there's there are more conservative voices than ever on Youtube. That was his reply now let me tell you something. Silencing voices. Is. Not. Just. Conservatives. If you don't fall and and I gotta remember everyone this is my context on this. I talked to hundreds of podcasters and businesses every year. And reason many of them start their podcasts is because they've been chatel banned. The content has been silenced has been put aside and they're trying to take back control of their messaging and their content, and because they put something on facebook, he gets taken down or people never see it. It's not just conservatives. It's far left. It's it's an all kinds of groups. If you don't fall in the middle in this middle whatever that middle is right left right. A center left center, whatever it is whatever you if if you are in these. Social Media. Platforms. I hear every day. I hear it every day. So. After all, it's decant. It's impossible. Remember. All takes his a programmers little tweak of code among millions of lines of code to cause something to skew. Off takes his a search engine tweak the caused thanks askew of seen it a Geek N- essential hundreds of times. Ranking number, one, number two. Then all of a sudden I'm on the second page what did I do I didn't do nothing they made a tweak. What did they tweak while they tweak something Pages fast. Content, is relevant the content above me doesn't look as relevant you just never know. And some of it may be on non-intentional but. It's the way of the Internet. And Lots of questions asked by. The CEO's. Now, we know the Google's in the most danger of antitrust action. Renault that the US department justice investigation, Google's madge massive digital advertising business, and they control the whole stack. It's insane. I spent a lot of money on digital advertising in I don't use third party companies. There is no third party companies. I use Google system. To advertise on their system, they control the pricing they control the click pricing. Thousands of dollars. Thousand tens of thousands of dollars goes out my business. I have no control of being able to advertise other places. And of course, Google Android smartphone ninety percent of the space it goes on and on and on. So where's this GONNA lead we'll see we'll see where this leads the apple folks took some heat. So did facebook course. But I didn't get to watch the. The hearing. But these the tools we use in these companies that were dealing with. Dan says a quit using Amazon as much because ups in my area does not deliver anything from Amazon anymore because the Ford, it all to USPS or at least here where I live. They use their own delivery. We have Amazon Amazon trucks deliver stuff. Or does stuff comes here to the opposite USPS sometimes ups? It's all mixed. Or. Let's move on. Nasr's life hunting Mars Rovers. Officially, on its way, the Red Planet had launched today I did happen to catch I. Don't know why didn't know what was going didn't realize it was going happen to have something on social. I saw some some pop up a win over and I was like thirty seconds before the launch and watch it got space but being bought a boom suppressor variances mission is to find out Mars hosted life some three point eight, billion years ago. So it's on its way and sometime in early February. Eighteenth or so and twenty, twenty one. The the new rover will Have it seven minutes of terror. We'll see if we get another one on the planet..

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