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Informing communities of like minded individuals, retreat wants to empower people to share their experiences with others to guide them on a journey to better health and living. I'm joining because I want a less crowded space to build a community of listeners, caregivers, and other experts. Watch my current social media feeds for more information about their official launch date. It's never too early to start thinking about brain health. But it can be too late. Whether you are struggling with fogginess, recall, losing items or you just can't remember things like you used to, you know your brain needs help. Is it a lack of nutrition, trauma, disease, or aging? Whatever the cause, memory health has been proven to help. This safe and patented, nootropic supplement began as a solution for Alzheimer's and dementia, but is also an impactful option for CTE sufferers for pregnant and menopausal women and anyone suffering from brain fog due to chemotherapy, illness or aging. With me today is Ed shehab. He has a memory health supplement that is hopefully going to take care of a lot of the nutritional issues that we have in our daily lives that affect our brain health. So thank you for joining me Ed. Jennifer, thanks for having me. So give us a little background on you and how you decided to get involved with this necessary project. Yeah, it's actually become a passion in my life. Jennifer I was not in the supplement business at all. In fact, I was running I run a company in the oil industry. And we have been running that company since the early 2000s and have been fortunate done well with it. And I was happy in my space. I was having lunch with my mother back 2018. And unfortunately, though the conversation was delightful, it quickly dawned on me. She had no idea who I was. And at that moment, it was really a earth shattering life altering situation for me. That someone who had been there and watched us grow the company and enjoyed the successes and was there during the failures and the heartaches and all the joy that comes in life no longer an even knew who I was. And for me, it was just a whole cold, hard slap in the face. And being an entrepreneur, I thought, well, I can fix this. I can do something about it. I can make it happen for her, right? In unfortunately or fortunately the naivety of that statement delve me into the world of research and understanding products that could work and help work and a dear friend of mine and now partner within memory health.

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