Kennedy, Lake Cook, Roosevelt discussed on WBBM Afternoon News Update


Edens twenty-five minutes Montross to lake cook. Inbound in our lake cook road to the Kennedy also heavy along the Edens spur in both directions with ongoing construction. Kennedy outbound we'll take you forty two Montrose an hour to get to O'Hare. They express Lane's twenty-five inbound watch out for a crash near Hubbard street tunnel. It's in the right lane and hour and twenty seven minutes from O'Hare fifty two from the junction, oh here extensively dammed up on the eastbound side Bessie Coleman to the tri-state westbound doing all right up on Eisenhower, fifty two Mannheim an hour and thirty five minutes to get to route three ninety inbound slightly better and our fifteen route three ninety nine fifty for Mannheim up on Stevenson. We'll take you an hour and fifteen to three fifty five inbound an hour. Three fifty five in lake shore drive up on Dan Ryan will take you forty five minutes to get to ninety fifth. Inbound watching report of a crash right around Roosevelt twenty seven minutes ninety fifth into downtown up fifty seven twenty inbound eighteen up Bishop Ford twenty two. Inbound twenty-four lakeshore drive jammed up Hyde Park boulevard, forty third police activity there in the two left lanes and heavy McCormick place to north southbound jammed Fullerton all the way to grandpa tollways. Now. Chris hopper mill. Spothero mobile seven eight tristate backed up golf down to forty seven five fifty five to the eighty second street toll plaza, an eighty two Indiana northbound ninety fifth to the eighty third street toll plaza hillsdale away says the thirty first Roosevelt. Folk before one seventy six ninety westbound fifty three to Rowsell eastbound on ramp to south fifty three in approaching the tri-state westbound side, eighty eighth stacked Eighty-three the Myers Winfield past fifty nine. Eastbound the three fifty five York solid fifty three three seventy five southbound Taliban at three ninety liked Butterfield. Toll plaza northbound seventy fifth Butterfield the to ninety north west high one approaching lake cook Chris harbor mills. Spothero mobile seven hundred eighty ninety four northwest Indiana, eastbound tight from the Bishop Ford all the way to Indianapolis. Westbound slow.

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