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The lines like that totally kind of all. Got. It was good. Yeah. I just can't wait like this is a guy that's made the lobster killing a sacred deer and this and they're all so different. But they're all weird kind of baddies. Oh, you need. Yeah. Like, it's just with the way films are today for someone to come along. That is this just original is he a writer director. No, I don't think. So he. Now, he didn't write this. Tony McNamara in Deborah Davis. Okay. Wrote the script brilliant scrapped boy, snappy and quick. All right. Joey we shall. So everybody, I'm having technical difficulties. Just leave this in though because who cares? Green book green book that we just saw last night last night. Good movie. It was fine. I really liked it. It me really good. But like a hokey. Yeah. Like a little like movie though, like feel bad bagging on anyway. Because there's really nothing wrong with it. You know, exactly I don't mean hokey like unwatchable hokey, but it was just a little bit lots of tropes, and obviously some through lines that were may have been the case. But probably add, you know, could have been a little more. Indie feeling who would've liked it more agreed as definitely mainstream, but I really really loved the relationship that developed between these disparate then and especially for the time how it all went down. You know, I don't know. And the fact that it was based on a true story, which I didn't know until you're like. Yeah. That's the whole shit. He was great. What's the guy? Don, Shirley, my her shallow Arsala. He was fantastic hard. We we both like face just love that wonderful face and his beautiful long fingers, though. Like, I don't did you look up as panel playing. Play piano. He I hope he plays piano now because he has the piano like the beautiful long finger piano playing that like the fingers glide every like that was all believable that some of the best whatever he's he's obviously not that kind of player like he's on some kind of virtuoso in real life. Now that he he may have learned a couple of the ones like the ones, you know, like we're kind of like coming starting at the far octaves and coming out plane that. For it. But these days too. I mean, I should just look how they did that because these days you can do so much with like the used a real pianist hands and like come to them in on your times. But no, I don't think they did that. I bet he he seems like somebody who takes his craft pretty serious. That wouldn't I wouldn't expect like Ryan Gosling LaLa land. He learned to play all of those songs, you know. So it's like all Bs apparently. So yeah. And I think he learned to play them well enough that they could like, you know, at least keep doing the things. And maybe if he made any mistakes, that's the thing because it's like you can play those songs, but without a mistake. Well, if you do play back, and then you're. Handwork. I'm sticking to. But he did this to work that he played. He's known for his beautiful handwork. That's a good van name. Yeah. You're welcome to it. Vigo Mortenson was he was really good. But like for some reason I had a little bit of trouble buying him. A lovey go. I do too. He and he lost himself in that role for me. I stopped thinking that's being Morton eventually did. I think for a little while. I was a little little offer me, though, the character was a little bit. Like I've seen that catcher. So many times so many times that accent was so that's what he's right. So it's almost seemed like a trope, but it's. Yeah. Like, he really. I think that was the thing. Yeah..

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