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We get emotional. Be on it man. That's fucked up. How can you do that. Testy row was scripted entertainment. You know what i'm saying and you lose yourself. That's the illusion of entertainment. You will lose yourself in this. People malays domino of some movie that was recorded in taped and produce and directed. We do it in movies where we get emotional behind these things. So they're just tapping into the same thing in charleston. Why dozen in the most raggedy way but that's exactly what it is. It's all entertainment. I sit here. And i will watch basketball which i don't like but i'll watch it anyway. Knowing that i believe that the referees rigged the games you guys have hurt. Say that five thousand times. I believe the referees rig the game. I'm still watching this stupid shit. I don't know why you don't say but i do. I don't know why it's yes. It's like even watching an award. Show you know. that's just faking on his. They didn't pay somebody kiss. Somebody asks you know once you told me how they do the war so that never watched him kid. It's all fake. It's not real. Oh all who you know you know what actually it's funny because if you ever watched bocek horsemen which honestly is a great show. I didn't think i would like it. Because i don't really corny animation in a way but they actually touch with some really good shit and one of the things they talk about is how people get oscars emmys and stuff. Basically they have to literally have lunch with people and actually thought that was something on tv. Come to find out. That's the real thing they have to find out who the judges are sway. Them find out what they like. Spend time with them. Be likable for them. Used to do a lot of shit for them to even support you and most of the time if you're an city if you're a music artists especially a record label is usually helping to pay for that. Or if you're an actor is usually whatever studio was the wants to get the emmys the oscar. Whatever for the movie that you in so we have this blue -fession israel not ashes real reason..

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