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Where you can hang out or hang your grievances out to Dr This'll is Chad Benson. That is right. The Chad Benton shows on Facebook. Twitter everywhere, find Chad any of the places. And this is the Craig Collins version of the show, though, right now I am in for Chad today, So if you do have a complaint, don't don't hurl it. Chad's way He's on a much needed vacation. You can find me on Facebook that Craig Collins show as well, If you wanna talk about anything, I was just discussing the monolith and all the craziness that has been 2020 and producer Phil jumps on during the break there and tells me about the Toledo Christmas we'd which is not this thing you smoke. It's actually just a weed growing out of the ground that has a cult following and it may or may not have been removed because these reviews started a couple years ago. I guess it was a viral sensation even before Corona virus and it continues to prove my point. The Internet is a magical but also odd place and some of the things that happened. There probably aren't in our best interest. But I just love some of the reviews on the Toledo Christmas weed from this year. People who visited it just a few days ago, so hopefully that means it is still there. One of the people on the review site I think I'm on Google said that they love this landmark. They visited every Christmas to praise the loving weed. It's way better than the Toledo Zoo Lights, which my producer Phil also says is not accurate. Toledo's do is lovely, too, but definitely recommended another person said. I heard about this a church the first time I've tried it out really loved the Toledo Christmas. We'd so there you go. You know if we're worried about our society if we worried about all the ways in which we may struggle to bounce back Americans in Toledo love the fact that there's a weed that's been growing out of the out of the sidewalk for awhile that's now been decorated with Christmas ornaments and even the town. I think the mayor has embraced it. Everybody's on board, so that's all it takes. Give us some sense of normalcy. You just everybody bonds around a plant that's going beside walk. It is a tremendous story. Thank you to producer Phil for throwing it my way. I saw this too. But I really like this. And I don't know that you will. So for fair warning there. There is a instagram reviewer, our influencer, I should say. Her name is Carla. She's 38 years old. She's got some kids. She's got a 15 year old, a 13 year old and an 18 year old and this year she went big on Christmas because of coronavirus because everything but she is getting some slack on her on her. Platform on her social media platform, a choice where she, as I said, has several several followers and is a quote unquote influencer. She spent $10,000 on her she and buy anything for the kids now, granite When I saw the headline to this story, which says Influencer spends 10-K on self and nothing on Children for Christmas, I was like Bah humbug to you, ma'am, because your kids are probably very young. When I found out that the youngest is just 13 so 13, 15 and 18. It did change a little bit. In my opinion. Should you have spent some of that $10,000 on your Children and not yourself, Carly? Yes, Everybody's going to say yes to that answer, but I don't know if you've been listening to the show with me filling in recently I mentioned that because of a couple different things, my wife being with some family members, who unfortunately, are having some health issues. Some related some not related to cove in 19. Her and I were separate. We don't have any kids. We don't have any pets, though. I did spend Christmas by myself. I had a lot of people calling me a lot of people face time in with me and trying to give me a semblance of the holiday and I did very much contemplate too. I just want it out there in the trust tree that we're on right now. The radio traveling but I decided not to. I just decided that Wasn't worth the argument when I got somewhere wherever I was going if someone thought that I shouldn't travel there, and so I will tell you that I spent the little on me this year, too. I didn't have nephews and nieces two by four and or if I do buy for them, I could do it later, so I threw. I didn't throw 10-K on myself like she did. But you know if you're gonna have to deal with the world the way it's been this year, and you want to treat yourself a little bit, I think that's fine. Actually talked about this. This is an odd transition. I'm just going to do it. Screw it. Who cares? We're all in this Now. I've talked about this before on radio. Not here. Other places that I have this weird thing. If I go through something tough, I get myself a gift. That's just the way that I've I've embraced dealing with things. I know its peak millennial. I know that anyone who hears this and finds out that I'm in my thirties is gonna be like this dumb guy, but I do it. I had to get a e told you this segment's gonna get on. I had to get a colonoscopy. There was a bit of a fear that I had, you know, serious health issue that I didn't have. But I had to go through that my thirties and anyone that's had one. They are a thing. There's a hole. There's a prep product. There's a hole It takes a day out of your life that you don't get back where Something's happened. And so I bought myself an Xbox after the experience, and every time anything happens that a little hiccup in the road I'm in the radio industry. So every so often you could lose a job. Any of that happens. I'd like to get myself a little pick me up just a little trinket on depending on how how difficult the situation is. The trinket becomes an Xbox because I will tell you that if you go through something like a colonoscopy, you deserve a gift..

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