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To five fifty got a call from tom on grand island tom go ahead you're on the air i think the best option after kelvin benjamin is how we jeremy curly and i think that because you know he's gonna come in and you know what his role he's always been a fire receiver and a salad one and yeah i think he's going to be the solid addition to this team i think will be very very underrated i think you might have point and i and i get it we've got a lot of speed back he's re he's leading this poll by a long shot curly's is just a guy who's brings his experience and and and the fact that we've seen him i mean he played for the jets we he heard us he hurt the bills in a bunch of game so i i agree i think he's going to be a guy that they can plug in and expect a certain amount of production from and also i think he's a veteran guy knows how to handle quarterbacks and knows how what quarterbacks want when he come out around sometimes that's the hardest thing as a wide receivers by on how the quarter the the quarterback wants you to look when he come out of the route know you've seen a lot of these guys that you know they've seen the the the route on paper and they've seen other guys run but when you turn around and bring your head around you get a feel for where the quarterback wants you to be and that's where you gotta get and if you do those things the quarterback throws you the ball a lot jeremy curley does that huckabee if there's three different guys you don't know who's that's that's not a real problem that's why they start moving guys around to seeing guard getting used to all of them because we're at this point let's face it we don't know exactly who's going to be taken snaps for the bills on on week one.

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