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Wherever you get your podcasts. Okay, we are back. We're ranking the top ten David fincher things. We've got to tears left. There was some controversy about where certain things fell in tears last time around. I'm just for the sake of conversation going to share the ten things and then we can hash it out I. don't really know how I'm going to manage this conversation. We're GONNA to do our best. The ten things for the top ten are as follows. The Jane's got a gun video by Aerosmith does horsh it Vogue video by Madonna. The Freedom Ninety video by George Michael, and then in chronological order seven, the game fight club Zodiac the curious case of Benjamin Button, the social network and gone girl. So Number Ten, I assume that Chris you're going to say we do three music videos at ten, nine, eight. No, that's not fun. Right. I don't know what do you think I agree that it's really boring in bad less making two three videos at the top. So I would like to start a point of order to reopen..

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