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There's really good evidence sleeping on top of a wi fi antenna reduced seriously quality and there's probably some other negative effects as well yep now when i drink clean water when i eat clean stuff <hes> my ability to meditate goes up. I feel like i i am a more spiritual person when my hardware is running relatively well well. Do you notice any fact a win. When you take better care of your are your meat that your spiritual awareness your ability to be conscious goes up. There's no question there's no question that <hes> <hes> i studied acting with a with a wonderful woman themsel- out there and and she said to begin every day looking at something that was bigger than you. That could be a tree. You know something that's been in the ground for <hes> maybe two lifetimes before you came into the world <hes> touch that tree look at the tree look how the tree has has had to tort its trunk in order to be able to find the nurturing light from the sun <hes> when you look at that contortion when you see the benz and the tree that that that can help you to understand how to play someone like richard the third who's who's been been you know who's who's deformed by the the sheer fact that he was born into a family of royalty in the in the in the complications locations that come with being an famous family of royal royalty that that <hes> if you look at the mountains look up the sky and the fastness of it and the and the and the oxygen that it provides you to be able to to to wake up and take a deep breath <hes> that the realizing where our conversation begin began that you're part of this great cycle of life. You know that you're not bigger your more important than it. You're you're maybe a keystone character in it. You know an important part of the of the chain but you're not you're not bigger or more important than the than the least of us yeah and that helps me to sleep that helps me to keep me humble and and to sleep well at night. There's this notion of the jars these big eddie's in the ocean that are filtering plastic and when one thinks that blew my mind is i started studying spirituality twelve in all was this idea that your kind of a hollow tube you have matter that comes in if you eat breathe and light actually and then you know stuff that goes out and stuff goes out. Obviously you know there's going to the bathroom but in your shedding your skin your cells are turning over so the body that you have two years from now <hes> is fifty percent of the cell membranes are new or the last year and it takes seven years to turn over for half year collagen in your body and and so really you and i are just an eddie moving through matter but the doesn't doesn't really exist in that that means oh what you take in what you take out the effect that you have on others energetically. What's how hopeful of anger or hate or love or compassion are you that it probably affects other people's being in some way or another but when i want to know from you is i i am no actor. When you play someone in full metal jacket or you play someone who is highly elevated does it. I mean does it affect you at a soul level like to take on that energy of a character that so you know you're if you play some dark. Does it make you dark. He plays some light light the yes yes yes yeah and it. It's <hes> <hes> i it's it's difficult i imagined when i got to this stage of my life that i'd be ah speaking truth to power that i i would be playing jimmy stewart henry fonda gary cooper kinda roles and but there's a transition. There's is a pivot in our culture. Now and those roles are given to other people as they should you know because they were there was an imbalance..

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