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Outdoors dean permissible to argued school and and they're interested we'll talk to them about a pretty significant scholarships and by the way donors have provided most of those scholarship opportunities that's awesome well obviously something gene a lot of us want to preserve our heritage and you guys you're doing that scholastic greatly excited about what you guys are doing it montebello ju ju gave a few examples gene and one that really stuck out to me was a young man that what's going to go to college at all until he learned about what you're doing very intense john just wasn't than pursuing a legal high school but we met grand just talked to him and told about the program he immediately almost immediately signed on and now grabbed his junior rousing junior at our three point two p a in business changing stuff and at the same time hunting and fishing in an outdoor skills john involved i loved that we see basf growing and are all across the country and outdoor skills to be dragged or pigs but you guys are due in asia that all over the south and even beyond all nations not all students from backrow travel extensively found was that we had kids who died in hospital but rabin hunting out west or had never been offshore fishing so we've provided trips to them mostly again due to flat thrapy and was in the bahamas our outdoor scholar students fishing for blue marlon for a week before that we weren't on khan's neighborhoods duck and gagged fishing with our students several times and and really goes on for yetsin beautiful south louisiana marshall the rocky mountains or an island in the northeast bahamas you shot uh ten sidebyside when you were a youngster and that made a big impression onto your life it really odd my parents taught me what a significant responsibility it was to uh to have a shotgun in the when i was a young man i need to to to all my parents out of the house to use that far in putting it back safely in i also shooting my first green wing thiel when i was seven years old and information obtained classify adding an hov uh native much more politically correct nature now on names scared even say or move that's another reason why this is such a bold move.

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