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When you go out and get the top jockey pretty much toe right? And I think that's a big telephone. That was the best that I don't think it'll be great off. It's kind of a single on our early pick five. But that number four Irish declaration looks looks good over the number two asset. And the number 34 or five. So we were a 44 to 3 in that order, but the best bet on that four. Okay, but we none of the fourth race. There's an even money shot in this race number six. Honeymoon's over. Yeah, I think honeymoon's over. That was our top call. Here. We were too deep on our early pick five. Honeymoon's over even money. With Blaine, Right? And Kyle fray again. So again, top trainer top jockey combination there. Um, He's basically taking advantage of the conditions that he has run in the past for the $8000 claiming tag in the last two years. He's been way above that for the last, you know, year over year plus But, uh, you got claimed to starts back by Blaine, right? I think they're kind of just looking for a little preparation. Um, and looking for just kind of a pick me up for him. He hasn't won in his last three, and this will be a good spot for him to pick up that way and again, so He's taken advantage of the fact that he did run for 1000 in the past two years, which qualifies him for this race. He's protective spot. He's usually racing in the 25 to 40,000 range and doing well, actually, at that level, so even money I think he's dropping in here against some horses. That he outclasses and claiming is over. Looks good. I think the best value might come with a late run and very, very sharp number. 56 hand to, um, for Reed, France. He's got him in great form right now. Comes off a win for the $8000 tag and then gets protected here. So I like that move that's confident and that the horse is doing well. So I was a six even money on the six and then if you want value, I think it's on the 5 12 the ones to tend to And then for third, I'd look for maybe another late runner. Um, number two cannonball coming, But we were just 65 alone on our exotic early early bet high, moving on to the fifth race. And we had a value play here for a first time Starter. Yeah, this race. It's we've got four. We've got another six horse field. And it's ah maidens. It's our top level meetings, and they just turned three years old. So it's our top level. Young maidens here and four out of the six have never run before, so you're kind of sorting through first time starters. And I think, uh, three of those were interesting. I think this is probably this is the I think this is the biggest vulnerable favorite of the day that number one. It's my house. It's 6 to 5 gets. Kyle has a top trainer but and ran second, beaten only length in his debut and then makes his second start today. But that race we have successfully been playing against that race and making a little money. Um, that race on November 7th was very slow for the level and has not really produced anything out of it. So he did. He did come out and run second in that race. He has a couple good workouts, but it's 6 to 5. He is definitely a week favorite in my opinion, so I was looking for any kind of a first time starter with a little bit of spark, and I think there's a couple of them in there. The top one being number four. Hey, mate at 6 to 1 for Bill McClane, He's a Kentucky bred out of a fire McLean's music who hit well 18% with his first time starters. And Bill McLean does very well 18% with his first time starters as well. He's got some sneaky, good workout. This trainer never works his horses out fast. He does a lot of six furlong type work. Just slow, steady and that last five on the last six furlong work on Hey, mate really pointed him out that 1 14 and four I think really sets him up here. Ondas kind of a sneaky good work, so 61 definitely like teammate. My second call was another first timer. Bogeyman 92 for Blaine, Right, and Catalina Martinez hopping in the battle. There's definitely a few good works there. And definitely good connections. And then if I was going to go, I'd actually throw a 3rd 1st time Starter Number two Command flip sergeant Major for Ed Motor in the last two workouts. There are definitely better than Ed Motor typically shows he's got up the hot writing on Feel Espinosa on and If I was going to go with either of the two experienced horses again, I'd still leave out the low odds favorite on the rail and maybe go with the speedy meant me and Bubba me, Bubba T number five, So I was a four. I mean, I think this race is nobody's run before, but I still had a value placed 6 to 1. On that four came eight. Then we were three bogeyman. I'll use the five meet bubble tea with a little bit of speed. And then the other first time starter command command Sergeant Major, and I was just going to make a statement and go for deep without using the favorite T O End our pick five and pick four. All right, moving on to the six ways today at Golden Gate Fields and I have a little best bet here on number six are bold prints. You are bold prints. It's digging inside the numbers there. You know, you look through his race career, and he's one for 17, which isn't that's not a great record. The starter allowance levels I, really typically the winning profile is recent maiden winner and lightly raced is what what usually wins this type of level. It's a 50,000 star allowance level. But we're looking at one for 17 Honorable Prince. However, he's been kind of wasted at different distances and different surfaces, so he's never hit the board on on dirt, so sometimes over the summer, they've raised him at Pleasanton, and he has a couple races there never hit the board there, and he's also never hit the board and his two tries on turf, so right there You know, and then also the distance. They've also stretched him out a few times. He's run. Well, he's run well, but never really done anything there either. So if you just look back at his synthetic sprints, your golden gate He actually has run very well. And the other thing he does really well is second off the layoff. So the last two times he did this pattern where he had a little bit of a preparation. Where he kind of runs well, but hey, moves way up on that second start, and that's what he's doing Today. He took in November 2 January break. He ran against the field of really salty horses at 20,000 last time Torpedo away is one like about five races over this track in the same 20,000 range. And like I said the cannonball coming earlier in the day, he was second in that race. Horrible Prince was a good third. He was in that race until deep stretch when the race got blown open by torpedo away, finished third, beaten, only 2.5. It's protected again. Here, I think steps way up and runs a better race today. And so it's six at the V 8 to 5 Morning line favorite. I think he's the horse to beat and the kind of the best horse to move forward in this one. And the only other horse we're going to use on the late pick four and pick five was the number five night gig at 2 to 1 for his ego to my own Kyle. Uh, he'll be making his fourth start here over a sprint distance. I'm gonna throw out the last turf effort on him..

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