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Got jumped or visit 1 800 got jumped dot com It's 5 28 traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks Dave build, I'm nobody T OBY Traffic center in Montgomery County, Maryland. Caller and Police found a crash on 29 at Tech Road North bound traffic stop for a time by the response, South bound should be able to get by. It's the only major crash reported on the Maryland highways across the region. Cross the listening area at the moment. Good on the Beltway little bit slow at times through silver Spring to 70 North, volume delays to North Gaithersburg. Not bad, though, if you're heading to Frederick in Virginia on I 66 westbound Traffic is still pretty slow from Fairfax and Fair legs through Centerville. Brief lives Crash Beyond 29 got cleared. South down 28 of slow towards 66. The ransom lanes are open there some bail out through the battlefield on 29 as usual. No recent crashes, though we did have one south of Fairfax Station in Lorton on 1 23 south bound before Lord On road. You were getting by very slowly at last report single file by staying to the left. With delays on 1 23 Ox Road, 95 South bound volume delays toward 1 23 are pretty routine, and it's just volume otherwise on 95 beyond Woodbridge. It's not bad at all heading into Stafford and Fredericksburg. Downtown. It's been slow going because of the wide array of security measures going into place before Inauguration Day, the federal triangle to Mount Vernon Square, Thomas Circle on Massachusetts Avenue very slow going on portions of the grid, those portions that are open to erect fencing. Lots of street closures and lane closures have been autumn off all afternoon into this evening that will continue over the next few days. No access from 3 95, the inbound 12th Street tunnel. That ramp is blocked, but the freeway and Third Street tunnel do remain open. They've built. Nine w t o p. TRAFFIC Jamelia Draper After a beautiful day, we're in for a cold but tranquil winter night as lows fall into the mid twenties to low thirties Sunny and nice tomorrow with highs.

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