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Like six granny's it makes. It's the dumbest like can't believe what is going on. There's an doc doc net flicks right now. It's about Gene editing and it's like a million dollars to get certain gene therapies commandment. Just Chinaman I mean yeah. Because you'll just get the recipe right. Knock on your door. You make this so that was fucking pretty wild wild Chinese but the but the shows were really fun and I I think there were some feelers in Shanghai can't remember and and yet but the but just just thinking about the life I don't I like I don't do well. I don't know the rules like I get a little like even like no I'm doing this fucking can Ozlem Aleichem joke. Even if not like I was like I can't I'm a fucking. I can't not do the thing I don't think I I would protests in Hong Kong but I'll say anything that's almost like I'll say fuck it anything but the in terms will the Hong protesters are kind of fucked up. Because they're not they don't have. I talked to a few people that are doing it. That the drug kid was going the Hong Kong and He was saying like there's no organization. Yeah they have no. They've no hierarchy. They have no demands left after. It's all very specific like no we want this by this date and it's like well you know we could just fuck in rap Yup right right but they're so. I don't know what's going to happen. Yeah every time. I've gone to Thailand China Iran. You you start realizing how amazing freedom of speeches. Yeah it's almost like aging pat say so so by the way they had to before they could get apartment for me to do the show. They had to go through a transcript. Free Mike's to see what sort of assume that I would do three mice again. That's like the assumption because they don't understand comedy right so you have to throw your our out the Carlin. They don't understand that the rules but but yet you can't make fun of the government on television looking anywhere but even these types of governments there so everything is so controlled. I think my cousin wanted to perform a a song in Iran at on campus. And anytime you want to do anything for arts music movies anything if to send a transcript of the script song lyrics everything and most of them. Don't a lot of them don't get it Muslim get denied because they're usually if they're not against the government there I don't want to will. Yeah eight people. Yeah it's just an odd but the but the upside is this reliability. I mean the upside. Is You sort of know what to no one's GONNA be homeless. Do you know what I mean like. No one's GONNA be. There's it's all the social safety net like no one's going to go bankrupt because the medicine no one's GonNa. It's that stuff that there is. The train was ninety cents the subway to the airport. Yeah Ninety cents so again. It's like pick for. which ones do you want There's a big part right. I mean that's thinks America would be better off with with not with a social safety net like that but yeah for sure. Sure don't film everybody and let us say we want like Y'all want I want some of and then people get loyal to the way things have been. It's it's not better just because will we never had met. It's the American way that's ran. What does that mean it? It doesn't mean anything means freedom now it doesn't it means you can say whatever you want and the government can't have you arrested which tower for it's not. That's no small thing. No it's it's weird. Though when I was in China I realized if you're a government and you WANNA control one point five one point six billion people they have. It's really impressive. How uniform their culture is good for China? What's the funny thing is like lot of dude standing around in a uniform? Innovate uniform. Where like what what he did like? This is a green one. This is standing kind of looking around and I don't think they have any. They don't keep like you'll never know how they come to these decisions. No they just released some documents cables. Yeah and that's about the warriors and and And and it's like they don't know it's like cables in that one too. Yeah there's running cables today. Somebody gives so so. Yeah it's that's a weird thing did not be You don't have to adhere to what the people want an all but now and then here you go stupid so so you know. They got tricked into voting for a fucking moron and they're tricked into like believing that's a fake. You left on a good week. Such a week acted acted. Yeah but that's also why I don't understand when people go to North Korea because there are There are It goes to North Korea. There's vacation packages of that from America where you can go to North Korea. And I'm like why. Are you going to North Korea. I I mean who that Ottawa doctor. The WHO did all the tim must've went and he said it was fucking crazy like they had to turn the generator on to pretend that the restaurant was open. But like it's just like it's fake. It's like no one and then someone else just sat like just fake weird feeators of and you don't ever want someone with you all the time. I have a few times I think the Newark Symphony or some orchestra went and they wouldn't let them out twice if you had to. Can we get our people back. I mean it's I don't understand the point as we think Americans have it so good that they it's entertaining to go. Oh into poverty places porn. Yeah it's it's anti human rights point where you're like. Oh wait I am. Am I gonNA get in trouble. ooh Oh I better not say what I'm about to say. Yeah but I didn't I didn't I'm not in any hurry. Go back interesting. I also don't like going places where you have to get visas. Well all night yet. One ten-year visas gray would Vietnam. It's I went to Vietnam two years ago and the visa weight. And you gotta pay and it just feels it feels more. I get. Why Vietnamese aren't die and for Americans? Comeback Com guys lit loosen up the visa. You're really holding a grudge on this yet. But I don't I don't think I'm GonNa go back anytime okay. Inches it was just. This is not my speed. I really love China but especially talking to all my friends who visited China. I think it's because my brother was there and we did all all these really cool shit because he'd been living there for five years so he did all this really interesting stuff. I don't think I would have seen if I was just on my own for me. I loved it and he had tons of friends. Whatever so I guess it was just like laid up in a hospital? Not late wasn't laid up. I would just like read. And then they go okay. I had the forty five minute break in between each session and then I would just go back and maybe O of four the hospital with me in it. And it's all this Chinese El Show de it's fucking hilarious like pictures of me and they WANNA show now. Did you learn any Chinese Shosha. That's thank you she. She did total. Shame that's what I was told and I think Boulez no bull. Yeah we of course I liked that one and that was all I that I learned. Pay happy to have you so. Yeah but really it was very interesting. It was fucking very interesting and it makes. It's the point of travel which is like okay. There's some more context there's like okay. There's there's an absence of the values I'm used to or customs. I shouldn't even say values. It's like that's okay. There was also going to the airport airport. It was nice like other tours like we have to transfer here and I was like what now it's here. Everyone's helping you like. That's nice. I like Shit like I bet. Yeah like that next fucking theme. Well Shit yeah good `whoosh mm-hmm so let's go. Let's talk about this clown Prince Andrew. Rowe quick he's a black son. Does it right yeah. There is like the scandal when I lived in Europe. And it's just funny. I love those guys. Those big panico Prince of Monica now different Guy Prince Philip Prince Andrew Rooms. That's Prince Philip. Prince Andrew was epsteins front and he didn't interview and in any shot the best not good. He couldn't figure out how to say I'm not a pedophile and I shouldn't have been friend of the pedophile it. It was as bad as our Kelly. Gale gale gale. Might as well as your you're killing me for my life over yes so so What happened yeah so I was just thinking if if if you're pedophile and I'm staying at Your House you gotTa tell me you gotTa tell me maybe I'll spoiler alert? Maybe I'll put it together. But maybe you also tell me I feel like it's it's the sex offender lists like if I go to your house. You gotTa tell me like. Hey although he went to his house for four days to break out with them. It's fucking look crazy interview. He's like I didn't want to break up with him over the phone and so I went to New York to do it over four days. Who who let sorry man? I'm going to take four days. What he did was it seemed like he was like week anymore but before I do where was that little girl the real little girl where she no no no no the other one dark skinned one? Nobody nobody wants so whatever nothin- in nothing up top nothing below Yet so that's what I think happened there and don't be a pedophile Gal. And but also the fact that they are holding Prince Andrew as if these people are special in any way is so crazy. Yeah you definitely crazy. It's like the granddaughters of the revolution. Here like those like weird. It's like an East East Coast. But it would be like honoring the progeny of Abraham Lincoln. Still but worse. 'cause I think older than that like George Washington's great great great great great granddaughter. I love we. Don't give a shit like really. Where do you work so that so he go and give me another spin cavern? I told you this guy. Hi As to what. He's the roommate. Hong Kong burning that you don't that is it's not worth it. There's no woken up. There's no woke woke enough for cabinet guns girl there just isn't they you. He will feel like a the sell out what he was wearing. A KUNTI cantate shirt before that he took up. It's like I do. Yeah everything can be analogous to slavery everything in the world. Every job can be like this is like slavery right They wanted to the the sticking point was they wanted them to sign a contract contract saying I mean again. My reading contract was if I get injured during this tryout you guys are not liable it said It basically said he can't sue them for future collusion in the future for collusion and colluding against him. It had like that clause which his his lawyers were like. No we're not signing this and I guess it was different than something we'd sign in the past so he just made his own. which that I'm fine with I'm not banking the? NFL is giving him a real. Just a simple contract for protecting themselves against Colin Kaepernick. I believe it's not like that. Big of a stretch at being like..

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