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I probably on annoying. But i think they just lack so much physicality on that team that you know. They're not built for the playoffs. They're built to score points. I don't know man. I mean i think that's why they brought in wayne simmons. But but what is he going to do on your fourth line man. What is he gonna do. Physicality provide physicality unless you have a plane with their top line. Unless he's leo camera v. to he's not going to have an impact for those guys because the guys are in finishing the their plays like. I don't know if he's like dude. We should sit down one day together and watch like you know other wash the game more condense plays like you'll just see like mars especially and i know he's getting bullied the most right now. So it's kinda unfair but you know you just give up on plays and the and the offensive zone like he. He puts his stick in the play. You know like he's like i tried. Guess i didn't get it me back the other way. And then you're losing possessions that way for me Do you take that. As i mean i know you physicality thing i mean i kind of think it again is not an attitude thing but like something intangible that we can't see you know like something in our locker. I don't think that they gel as well as people think that they do. You know all of them you know. I don't think that they play together as well as they should you. Now let's say individually. They're great players. But i don't know you know and i mean i think it's easier during the regular season but the playoffs again. Yeah they're different beasts in you know if you don't have that mentality man you're not gonna win. Yeah exactly. And that's why. I'm saying like i hate like going back to boston. Because or even even make the same Same remarks about like tampa bay like when they go in eighth finish. Check your igniting your team your players around you. They're all excited to play. All of a sudden you make a great play to keep the puck and deep martyr makes play. He levels the guy or you know he wins. The puck battle. They have an extra chance to score there. They have an extra thirty seconds. Fifteen seconds in the offensive zone on their top line and not offensive zone. Where they're so lethal. they're not getting those opportunities. because they're losing the puck every time they enter. You can't not be physical you can't not you know. And maybe that's the chemistry thing because nobody wants to be physical player for them. Whatever i know. I'm probably sounding annoying at this point considering how much i've said about it but it's just it's just. It's funny the disparity between the two teams. Yeah no yeah that makes sense. I hear that but anyway my these you're probably gonna wrote me somehow for this but I went with pasta man. You know i know. He's a my little man crush this week. Probably for this is why. He got my steve's but outside of that his hat trick you know and he's just a menace on the ice you know when passer knocks out there It's terrifying islander fan. You know when he's out there so He's hot right now. He's playing good. So i had to give him my sees luik twenty six. My sees the weakest. Brad marchand nam skin bucket rap. Boy no My sees the week is Meco ranson on know. We mentioned him before That seventeen game like playoff point streak is not Is five points in three games in the series against vegas Than know he was murdering the blues..

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