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You if we think about if we think of yeah yeah and all the things that that would would not come. You know the the super league You know where we're at this with with parsons human chelsea manning city and and money and huge people that don't care about football clubs hovering fast poos of well at is a think who go back it probably is at its inception the premier league that that kickstart this so that's question i think there's an inevitability of the business of football nothing if this doesn't happen then then maybe it's another league maybe it's what was division one time becomes monetize and a product of sport washing and inflated wages and everything no matter what i think that probably happens the primarily accelerated things and was lovely shawny bad to attach to all to Catch the sun and wave into roman abramovich is is just to get his attention and make sure that that kind of purchase happens and shake monsiri excetera. But i think those those things happen at some stage football because of the global popularity and we're talking about now a world cup every two years with see in qatar world cup. Witches sensually were massive sports washing project in itself tied into psg messy. All of it. I think is definitely accelerates premier league but happened with or without it probably of the night raising i on this great answer tabby would your thoughts for you know nothing other than the primarily. Do you might. I completely nothing to comparing and all i can say is well. Maybe all i can say is that i i. I've seen the permanent and see what happened in the last probably year especially with the super league gesture two cups and things of this A step beyond. I think most full funds ever wanted to see and the permanently probably the limit of worse of money and football and near the business wanted to go All prefer watching. I find that the solve the passion and this thing from the lower leagues and being a f- croly fan a lot more fun than sort of no because of how they play but because of what it's like they're solved by up the smaller coach in the close to solve. It is more enjoyable and kind of cause that must have been lost. Crowd in present of premier league in in much noise and gentrified kind of football. I think perhaps what was born out of aids. is is well That is not teasing but it the divide is so great at the moment and and this is why am i.

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