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Down and going here asking running backs life and motions back. End zone touchdown. That was quite connection there. And this one with two and mike sick and i think there is a little bit of an advantage. We've seen this in some previous years. Were young quarterback this chance to get out there and play for a little bit. He's seen some things now. You take a step back in and you're out for a little bit to be able to see the game okay. Now that i've been on the field let me look at it through. That set of is when. I'm watching on the sideline and then studying the tape and then get reinserted back into the lineup and i thought a nice course correction i know. Look this is the bengals coming off of a performance against to ahead struggled. I know the level of of opponent. Here but i thought what you saw was a very decisive to after all those sacks he took in that denver game he got the ball out quicker than anybody else in the nfl this week. Two point three eight are actually sorry. Second fast i think rivers got it out just a hair quicker but touch to throw. He was getting the ball out of his hands. That's the way he plays always said he's like a poker dealer right. A car dealer spread that ball around. Get get your foot and get the ball out. And i thought that's the way that to a played in this game very decisive. Very accurate underneath. Were terrible on third down one of ten on third down but still found a way to get through on this game. Felt good watching to coming off some adversity that he had previously buck yeah. Dj in this game did not start out well for to talk about lower and the miami dolphins and i thought it was really important that he not only hung in there but he came back and responded in a nice way. This is a young quarterback who was still trying to figure it out. He doesn't have a bunch of starts under his belt. And so you talk about wanting to see. How does he adapt and adjust to the way defenses play against him and i thought he did it really really well also chan. Gailey did a great job of doing what you pointed out. Get the ball out of his hands. Quick rhythm passes let them deal. I second revolve us out. We saw this office develop a bit of a rhythm and so i'm excited about the dolphins going forward because they are squarely in the mix to win the division either way. Did you guys see the ruckus that unfolded in this game on appearance crazy. Special teams plays mike. Thomas one of the gunners for the bengals ins up. I mean just to absolutely slobber knocker type hit hits keen grant both of them in a drawing flags one of them the last one for kick catch interference not even giving him any shot like two yards before the ball arrived he level akeem grant. And let me tell you. This that brian florez was having none of many. He marched right onto the field. And if you go one through thirty two and head coach intimidation rankings. Brian flora's is up there at the top. I do not want to be in that to its crosshairs as he's coming across the field with a bone to pick and i think the dolphins kind of respond to them. I think i think it's kind of the defense. Plays in his image here low bit and they're fun to watch keeps going here. Buck we got the saints are peaking at the right time.

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