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Is truth i have never once in my life thought to check into a hotel get hookers and stay for the weekend call that a vacation you are no pat o'brien but so here's the thing i happen to be a member of it's not exclusive at all actually but it's a self help group where people tell stories and talk about their times get some money and they they check into a hotel get some hired help and spend a weekend doing whatever they want homeboy i've heard the story whatever drugs whatever rights absolutely here here i'm not at my house if i mar know lose my mind and go crazy i'm no one in my family will know the earth right and we're going to do this crazy stuff for now and then just go crazy let's okay anyway so our guys saw gifts with his suitcase full of cash on just the whole i know it's gonna go wrong as soon as i heard about the suitcase and three hookers they do it a woman after they'd done it one of the women pitched an idea hey let's get a few friends over have them bring some beer and some cigarettes you know keep the party going saul says okay and that's when two giant dudes busted down the door to the room with guns and stole the suitcases of cash now the cops are trying to track down the huggers and their friends and saul says he's pretty upset that he lost all his cash she's quote i am haunted by this i needed that money badly well that's the thing so he obviously told the hookers that he had the suitcases of cash and they called some friends who were the pence that busted and that's you know what and unfortunately they probably didn't even get the money themselves oh you mean the women get the pimps are right beat up that night so that's a win right checking the w call ninety six thousand dollars and besides the czech voters so don't do that maybe this is like a learning show is that saul and his ladies all right there you go they seem nice enough helix bummed out well yeah yeah he looks really sad hindu his head while i don't know what he makes a year at work but that could be one or two full years of work well if.

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