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I'm more than eighty. Percent of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality that fails to meet the World Health Organization recommendations. I heard it another podcast, read the other day the your quality could be worst turns out it's worse incidence outside, right? Is that really true to say that according to the and most of us spend around ninety percent of our time indoors, it can be five times worse indoors than than outside. So this is where the molecule can really help because it destroys indoor pollutants at a molecular level. It completely removes them from the air. It uses something called photo, electrochemical oxidation, which is abbreviated to PICO, and it eliminates allergens it eliminates mold, bacteria viruses and airborne chemical. So when John Syracuse goes and gets his flu shot, he can go home and he won't get a cold. He can sit by the molecule and then he won't get a cold. That's that. I'm, they're not saying that that's me saying that I just wanna be clear, but here's the thing pollutants, the PICO technology destroys pollutants a thousand times smaller than what happened filter can capture. So if it's not being captured, it's not. It's going right back up in the air. You're still. So this is this is the way they work. They're replacing seventy year old, antiquated technology, and this is this is amazing breakthrough science that they have. This is very, very important if you suffer from asthma, or if you suffer from allergies, they've done studies on this. People are able to like breathe. One customer says, choose able to breathe through a nose for the first time in fifteen years because she's like chronically had like allergies and stuff. I can tell you anecdotally, I feel like as a family since we put this thing in overall, we've been getting less sick and when one person comes home from school with a cold or something. Fewer people are getting it in our household. Now that's only doesn't this child the child at all. I've forced my children to stand over and breathe over. It was like an airlock procedure airplay. Exactly. Okay. But the research has been backed by the EPA. Okay, extensively tested by third parties and verified. They did this with a university of Minnesota particle calibration laboratory in university south Florida center for biological defense is legit and and I love ours. It has his cool blue light. And I think apparently maybe the blue light is involved in the purification, but so you know, it's like at night in the first night, I got it. I was sitting looking, I'm like, well, Cowan. If I want this blue light on all night, of course they have a feature for that because there's an app and the app lets you control in in detail exactly what's going on with the molecule, how it's working. It tells you when there's a some part that like the filter needs to be cleaned to replace or whatever, like it's all there and. Here's a special deal. These things are awesome. They're built amazingly, they're beautiful. They look cool. They're very modern looking. I love this thing. So many of the filters that I've dealt with in the past like the crap when I have here at the office. It's like this giant white thing. This hulking thing, the molecule is the smooth cylinder..

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