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From our library of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I. Heart Radio Podcast preview. It's a sweltering California Day, and Bonnie Caldwell is climbing the steep hill of the old family farm. That was this little piece right here was passed through, Uh, the very Very tough. Is a tall farmhouse. Bonnie's old home. Uh, it was right here 48 years ago that Bonnie told her fiance their engagement was over. I just want to marry you anymore. Bonnie figured that was the end of it. She was wrong. Phantom stock California in the seventies and eighties at first unnoticed and then unstoppable. Use heavy atmosphere. Remember that? Where does he death? You'll always know it. This Phantom collected many names facility around Sacher original Nightstalker. The Golden State killer from the Los Angeles Times and wondering this is man in the window. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I. Heart radio app number one from the best of Walton and Johnson on KPRC 9 59 50 Real Texas real talk To come on back. No, it's going to sound like a repeat. But boy, nobody seems to ever get tired of hearing about the The cognitive decline of Joe Biden. Oh, yeah, the babble that continues to come out of his mouth every time they let him in front of a microphone even when he's got notes. In his pocket and something to read or people talking to him in his ear piece. Um, concerns about his mental health is fresh on the minds of people. Uh, they Hey, we're looking at him at the 9 11. You know, tribute or whatever they were doing this past weekend, more incoherent, babbling and rambling, coming out of Joe Biden's mouth in one clip. They said he talked about wanting to fight Trump. Remember back in 2016? He wanted to take Trump out behind the gym. Yeah, he said it more than once. He knows the election's over, right? Yeah, but then he said something about boxing. Trump was off doing some boxing commentary or whatever, and he started kind of drifting off about how he sure would like to, uh, box Trump Boy, I'll tell you Wouldn't that be something? And and then he went off about Florida and anyone off about Robert E. Lee and just one thing after another, and everybody's just staring at each other, like Well, Is he talking about? Yeah, Here's his ranting incoherently at a 9 11 memorial this weekend that you know what do you want to do with, But I want to boxer. And warned that I should be so lucky. You know what I mean?.

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