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Riskly three times a week for at least forty minutes, you'll reduce your risk for. Dementia forty or fifty percent. That's amazing. It really is. And of course, I supplement like crazy. So I get it in there. Anyways text in tweets. We're going to do that tonight and Tom, we'll be getting one for us in just a second. Let's go to let's Alex in Houston. Welcome to the show. Hi, alex. Go ahead. Georgia honor, really is navy too, by the way. So thank you. So I know it's going to. So my first point is on Brett Stewart. He's a he's life coach. I don't know if you've had a Mona, surely, not, he's remote in the early teens lead like a lot of people in remote viewing projects, and where is a YouTube video one day. I saw that he moved talking about a pyramid. That was found that his team underground in North America and inside his pyramid. They, there's an ascension chairs. So, basically, the ancient were able t- years chairs to ascend into, like spiritual beings or being with wings and stuff like that kind of reminding man. Uh-huh. So it'd be nice to have them on the show. Yeah, I don't think he's been on. I'm pretty sure he's, he's not being. Point is second is sister. So basically asking for prayers last last summer. Shootings. I emotional. So last time she was hit by driver and Hume's. She's a notions. So just, you know, maybe listeners. Absolutely. We'll put her on the prayer. Nice to be sure. Thank you. Texting tweets time you've got one though I do, but I wanna ask you, some where Rick where did the I fortune cookie come from the first four, I would guess it came from someplace in China, California. Really? They invented them really. It's not Chinese guy in San Francisco. Interesting Natalie from Bethesda Maryland, wants to ask this, would you know, why JFK was in a convertible in not a hard top. He should have been in a hard top. Right. He was in an open limousine. And it was it was the wrong thing in. He should have been advised about that. I have a feeling he wanted the public to see him. I think he kind of insisted on it. But it was a disaster. I read that he wanted to see the crowd and wave Adam. Yep. Them to see him and it was a different time back then. So they didn't really fear. Yup. Some into warned he had been warned a couple times. The roots, you know, mini plans do try to get him in different cities Chicago in Tampa. And he just didn't take heed the greatest conspiracies of all time. It is. And of course, November twenty second will be coming up again. We'll be doing one of our conspiracy shows. Yes, we were. All right. Thanks, Don will get you another couple of texts. Tweets before open lines of done tonight. He said, the rocky Steven Herron south Dakota's with us was welcome to the program. Stephen good to have you with us. Go ahead. Ask your question. Guest. I guess the question I know the answer this allow all I ask you see if you know. All right. Wire firings. Writ why fire engines read. Yes, I think because it's more noticeable for traffic. That's my guess. Why are fire engines read to four wartime free? Twelve. Zero twelve inches in the ruler. Elizabeth was a ruler. Also about boat sale on these. These have this, this have fam- fans lot, the Russians and the rest of the red. And that's why is the red because arrest small over. Where'd you get that three students? Bubble gum. I love it. Three stooges bubblegum. We talk about old time shows one day they were the best three stooges the Bowery boys. All those from way on back classics to be sure berry in rock hill. South Carolina's with us. Hey, how you doing bear? Hello, there, George, I've turned on my radio in the middle of the night. And I heard things I need to know now because the light and ultimately goes, pause Melissa Nate coast to coast. I think the song that we let Billy Gibbons from Z top. Here was a better. Oh, yeah. No kidding. But listen, I wanted to ask a question about you feel but let me tell you something, I told time ago laws at our laughing and cutting up today, she said, well bay is good news. And bad news about you teeth, and I said, what's that Mazda? She's bad news. You don't have any teeth. But the good news is, you got good looking gums. You gotta have the good gums, if you're going to have good teeth. What are you going in for the implants? Gosh. I haven't decided yet or just four thousand dollars pay it. You don't have insurance for that. No darn it. I don't have so security plan d I don't get dental coverage. So all out of pocket. But anyway, we've talked about that later. But here's hey, happy has seventy of birthday who. You're supposed to say, wait a minute. I'm not saying I'm not seventy I'm fifty two s right? How remember because you will forty nine or years ago. That's right. But listen, help me the, the story and the and the history by that wonderful you ever feel what you'll have a later tonight, and I have a happy birthday Georgian at thank you. So much. L listen to y'all out there. But let me know what you know, about you have feel well, let me tell you our. He came to us years ago when I started doing the program, he would be a he was a caller at the time. And he'd always call indeed go can you keep a secret? And then, you know he'd tell us a story and stuff like that. And then one day he sent us this Afo fuel song that we end on Fridays, and he put it together, we think I don't know, his real name, but we think he's an actor somewhere in Dallas, and he's a clever guy. You know, he's, he's out there, his website, I check every once in a while, but I think it's down. I don't think it's working anymore. I don't know what about on with him. Well, possibly could have passed away or south and. No, I don't think he died. I think he's we wanna hurt if he if he had died. Okay. Yeah. But I tell you, what is a great song, and I mean, I always love listening to, and thanks play, but have a great how they say, whatever. Right. And almost mostly your next spring and ask all Carolina. Believe out be they're still alive. I think we may have show there. I think. Yeah. Ridge job. They thinking that we're gonna have five life shows next year. That she's working on the cities now. And most of them will be brand new cities astral has been a great town to go to every couple years. So we'll probably had back to their. That whole area down. Now, a lot of time in Lauderdale and believe me, you have a great crowd down there, George. Yeah. It's fun. It's fifty days away a quick. Yep. Exactly. I have fun. All right. Thanks berry, and he buries one of a kind truly as I wanna give you some little notes before we hit the break. We'll come back with more open lines. 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