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Need now on Co Moh news. 1000 FM 97 7 Co Motives time 905 Art Sanders Top local stories from the camo 24 7 News Center. After James places Even more Washington schools are eligible to reopen Co. Most Charlie Harder has the story in case numbers in hospitalizations continuing to decline, Man more and more people getting vaccinated as a backdrop. Inslee continues to encourage schools to reopen, he says. It can be done safely. What we have demonstrated, and what the CDC has confirmed is that we can have on site education in a safe and effective way. This is really great news for all of us. He actually says it's important to allow families to opt out in favor of online classes if necessary, But there are concerns from teacher unions. Some worry about the safety for older teachers and those with medical conditions. Inslee says teachers over 50 will be in the next wave of people eligible to be vaccinated. Charlie Harder. Come on you you have. C says it's closing two stores because of Seattle's new requirement to give grocery workers extra hazard pay. Tiffany Sanders with QFC says the two stores on Capitol Hill and in Wedgwood will operate until April. 24th and we are paying the City Council's mandated pay to them, you know? Throughout this time. Sarah Cheron with local grocery workers union calls the decision Act of greed. Kroger cares about their employees and the local community. They should expand hazard pay and improve store safety practices, not file lawsuits and close stores. Jared testified before the King County Council, which is considering a hazard pay mandate for grocery workers after Seattle approved one last month that requires large grocer to pay actual workers an extra $4 an hour. During the pandemic. Seattle Marry Jenny Durkin has no kind words for QFC. After learning that it's closing two stores in the city. She released a statement calling its parent company, Kroger, huge conglomerate that's made billions in profits during Cove it because its front line workers Organ goes on to say that it's unfortunate that Kroger chose to speed up plans to close two stores, then blame it on the cost of hazard pay for the workers who brought them huge revenues. Renters who fallen behind on payments could get two years of protection from eviction after the pandemic and a state funded lawyer under a bill in Olympia more from Cuomo's Ryan Harris. The bill would also require landlords to try to work out a repayment plan before going to collections if the debt is six months of rent or less, and it would allow landlords to apply for certain state rental assistance programs. But many of those who testified this time, including Michelle Thomas, with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, say the state providing legal help would keep many in their homes while evening the playing field with landlords who come armed with lawyers who do nothing But evictions. Providing access to counsel will improve access to justice and will also prevent future costs associated with homelessness assistance down the road. Landlords and other opponents say this bill will just allow people to fall further behind on unpaid rent while not providing enough protection for them. Them as they struggled to pay property taxes. Mortgage and insurance bills. Ryan Harris camo News marks around City Council is expected to vote to later tonight on a proposal to deal with the city's homeless situation. The ordinance. Would the band camping at camping on city streets, sidewalks in parks Instead of arresting people, they would be brought to homeless shelters and other East side cities where they would have access to services. City Council member Jake Jacobson's of backer of the measure. Any of these people have problems, ideas? We lock people up and throw away the key. It is. Is to be able to channel people. To institutions, which have some capacity. Worry how much but Certainly more than sitting in jail. There is some opposition to the measure from a group of people who live on Mercer Island in the east CEO. You have Washington. They say this is just a way to criminalize homelessness. Doesn't address its causes. Republicans in the State House say they're new two years spending plan would keep state services funded good, even lower Your tax bill a bit, representative Kelly Chambers of Puyallup says the $55 billion operational budget includes things like $300 to pay remote learning costs for families to qualify for school lunch program being shut down and students went to remote learning families had to incur costs like buying AH, printer or a desk. Stephen work from and this budget addresses some of those needs. News time 9 10 and from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk After snowy and sloppy week in Seattle Come was Bill Swartz is warming it up With baseball spring training a nice to be in the Phoenix area to watch spring Baseball camps open this week to Seattle Mariners pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. The EMS number one starter, lefty Marco Gonzalez plans to pace himself. Is gonna be a full 162 game season compared to only 60 last year, started a little bit earlier the following program and have definitely tried to put on some some muscle and definitely Care me Through this season, A limited number of fans will be allowed in the ballparks to watch spring training games, and they have to wear face masks. The MBA has covered 19 outbreaks in five basketball teams and a winter storm in Texas, postponing several games tonight. Atlanta, Georgia is mayor Keisha Lance bottoms concerned about fans coming to her town for the MBA All Star Game and skills competition. March 7th. The mayor says she doesn't want people coming down there for a party during the pandemic. Cleveland dot com. Reports The Browns might have the inside track to get the former Houston Texans defensive star JJ.

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