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Okay. It by the way, it's always been a privilege to be here. It's an honor to be here. I love talking to you. Oh, and I love interacting with you. Show Tuesday as Mike co story. I wish I could go more frequently. But I can't because so jammed up, but to be honest with you the days, I'm not in the stores. I'm usually in Westbury show people stopped by Westbourne AS from me. And if I'm not on radio, I come out and she him right away. I don't let them shoot there. Unless I'm finishing up a phone call from a client. These people call me to Tuesday is my go to store day. To our store in Brooklyn. Ralph avenue and can Arshi let me get you. Let me get you the phone number. Here's the phone number. So if you wanna call me, Tuesday, I'll be at this phone number. It's nineteen forty two. Ralph avenue. Nine. Zero three eight this Tuesday coming up I'll be at Ralph avenue store in Brooklyn from one o'clock until six I love going near nineteen forty two. Ralph avenue the phone number seven one eight nine six eight. He eight now get back to college. So when they compared our college into two Chinese brands will work much better why because the Japanese researcher found out our college was much richer in collagen peptides, and it was a lot purer. It's a French-Italian companies. The product is called pep ten be five thousand. So let's go into somebody Uman clinical trials are collagen is rich in the collagen peptides, and it's also a low molecular weight, meaning that you can actually absorb humans can absorb this is doctors at Penn State Penn State has that wonderful academic sports program with their football team in your basketball team. So it's a six month human clinical trial and a hundred and forty seven athletes, but they're injured Dave knee injuries. So it's one hundred and forty seven. Deep in an authorized. And AK them the low molecular weight collagen another words. It was high in the collagen peptides, just like ours. I don't know what brand it used to be honest with you. I didn't say what Brenda used. An orthopedist gave them a checkup, and they found that the joint was healthier. And it improved vast scores. Please different scores of knee pain, knee function. For wrench if they were sitting they had less pain. These people had paid you're sitting on the couch. If they were standing they had less pain. An object or hold a heavy object. They had less pain, but the ones who really severe knee pain. It worked the best. That's what we find about college. They were actually running better. In fact, they were actually changing directions. Again, I mean commend when you have an authentic me think you could run like change directions like playing basketball or football or frisbee. Are you kidding me? So here's the international journal of food science and nutrition. But this is a study from Barcelona Spain one of my favorite cities on the planet. If you've never been abortion. Oh, that's a good place to Madrid Barcelona Toledo Cordoba Granada. I mean, it's just beautiful cities in Spain. So it's two hundred and fifty people would authentic niche. They supplemented them with hydrolyzed collagen, she it's always hydrolysed, otherwise they can't get benefit because they won't absorb day supplemented them with hydrolysed type one collagen or placebo for six months. And an improved stiffness intellect Stephanus waking up in the morning or getting out of a chair or getting out of a car. She it improved their pain. It was restoring to you should have joint. In other words, the quality of life. In other words, like they were able to get back on the golf course or take a walk with their kid. Take a walk with their grandchild, or whatever it might be. Maybe they didn't have a grandchild. Maybe they just want to play some tennis. So when the university of Rochester looked at our college and collared our colleges been used in several studies for authentic nipping. When they looked at our collagen. They should here's what's happening. It's taking away the chemicals in the knee data released from the immune system that dissolve you joint cartilage the matrix of proteins. When you have an authentic knee. You're releasing things like peroxy nitrate from the immune system and matrix, mental proteins, and they dissolved the cartilage and eventually at stripped him. Bones situation. She cartilage Justice, very slippery stuff on the into your bones. So it lubricates them prevents them from grinding together. It helps absorb the shock. They found out that the collagen was preventing a loss of the cartilage by reducing the factors that would have been released during the inflammatory process that destroyed collagen unique. Triggering the functioning of the conversation to help rebuild your now. None of the drugs can do that. There's no drug to this point. That stimulates healing of you join coverage. So if you take Advil or Aleve or shell Abrek were DIKO fanatic. They can relieve your joint pain now. But in a year or two day, they can any more Costa snow cartilage anymore. You have bone on bone. You don't have that slip or slippery substance protecting the bone anymore? The end of the bones, so two bombs acquainting together, you feel like there's glass bones. Now, you're in terrible pain. You can't exercise you gaining weight. Your blood pressure's going up your blood sugar's going up. Now, you really in trouble. You have to go and get knee replacement surgery, which is a long haul. For the healing process with the one painful expensive hole. Sorta collagen gets into the knee joint, and reduces to chemicals that are released an inflammatory process that break down the cartilage, and it actually stimulates conversation to rebuild a college and actually starts to the college back together again. And it takes away the pain and stiffness and its safety is would anything else you can use to collagen along what your glucose from Conroy and will make them work better. You can use it. What your Advil because it'll protect needy advocate. Protect any it can only reduce paint temporarily collagen can actually long-term protecting me. So they've proven are collagen has great affection you need, joint and your hip joint and every other joint. But it also promotes bone building. So let me tell you. What Dutch all about collagen has this unique structure. Have you heard of DNA? It has a double helix, which makes you kinda tough. Like to. Well collagen has a triple helix which gives it amazing characteristics. Amazing physiological properties. And it adjusts its structure, according to the tissue Itchen. So it's going to be a little bit different than your skin and your bone and joint, and you tendons, ligaments and meniscus and your teeth in your eyes, and your kidneys and your heart in the lining of your blood vessels and aligning of your intentions are takes different forms. It more metamorphasized as a changes structural showed. A triple helix structure makes it like steel and your bones. Remember, the what it does? The people that you ever see around Easter day. Take those little marshmallow peeps. And they run it over with a steam roller and the peop- the peop- goes back which size Dave run over with a steamroller, and it doesn't destroy the peop-. That's what collagen does for your bones. The triple helix structure, those two things feeble while does three things. First of all it gives the bone shock absorbing capacity and other words, if you don't have collagen in your bone, you bone stiffens, and it becomes frail. And if you fall down and smack your forearm against concrete you shout your bone the collagen absorbs to shock at has give just like the Empire State building can can bend a little bit in a wind. So it doesn't break or bridge can swing a little bit in the wind chill. It doesn't break. The collagen. Does that for your bone shelf? You hit your arm against something or your hip or something like you fall down the stairs and hit you hip. It's much less likely to break because it could absorb the shock. Second of all college is like stealing your bone because of that triple helix structure, it's unbelievably strong yet at absorb shock. That's an amazing characteristic. Now thirty six percent of your bone collagen. Thirty five percent is you it's almost a perfect ratio. Why would that be because nature is smart collagen is what the calcium anchors to the Bill bone? Calcium and all those other nutrients have no place to go unless there's collagen. So if you're older and you're making. Because there's no place for the calcium and the vitamin D And vitamin k into magnesium and phosphorus and protein to go to to build your bone. You can't make crystals dismal place to go. The matrix. The organic matrix is the superstructure. It's the foundation the framework of your bone. It's like when they build a house, they put a framework up, and and they attach everything else to that framework. Same thing. It's the foundation you Bonn at twenty organic matrix collagen is responsible for ninety percent of the organic matrix should bone. It's the collagen that to calcium adheres to to build bone. And a proven that when they give you collagen at helps prevent further loss of bone. It improves to bone hope it stops you from losing memories because net from losing members at stops you from losing calcium. Because now there's a place for the calcium the anchor to. Restores you bald Manche mineral density at increases the bone size and a solidity of the bone day proven that giving our collagen inhibits osteo, clash and stimulates osteo blessed? Just the opposite of what happens after the age of forty. When you're young there's a balance between removing old bone with the osteo clashed and building new bone with the osteo blessed? But as you get older, there's no balance anymore. The osteo Blache that build bone. They slow down but the audio class that remove bone. They keep on working. So all of a sudden, you're getting frail bones. You getting eater osteo Pena some bone loss or osteoporosis, which is real boom wash. And either one of them increases the risk of a spinal fracture hip fracture. A broken wrist broken ankle, even a broken rib. I mean, when you break a rib every time, you cough or sneeze. It hurts like crazy. And it always seems to be if you break a rib. That's when you get a cold, and you have to sneeze. I just you know was Murphy's law Murphy's law. If you drop a piece of toast, decide what the gym on. It is the side that hits you rug. That's Murphy's will. So in any event. The collagen. Is a major constituent and your bone. And it slows down the Ostrow clash that break down bone. And it stimulates the Ostra blessed to build Mon shorts like making bone formation back to similar when you were in your twenties. Of course, because now you have to college content of somebody in their twenties. You have you restored collagen content to your body like somebody in their twenties. All these academic research institutions have proven this without a doubt. When a doctor wants to check if you're losing bone. They take a urine sample. They don't look for calcium in New York. They don't look for vitamin d. They look for collagen. Because collagen in such a dominant content in the bone. It could tell them if you currently losing poem. So then they give you drugs like, maybe alendronate or polio. And then they check a urine again, and they say you're not losing collagen anymore. You're not losing poem. Now, the other thing what collagen besides your joint and beside your bone is your skin skin aging. We'll talk about this. When we come back from the break, Gary hick. Invite health are great collagen, really.

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