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Guy sciences yuki. Let's not forget that and that's gonna be a big number by. It's gonna be interesting here. Here's a wild suggestion. Then elliott. because he's gone the offer sheet route before anthony bavaria. Lose in tough yes. He is lose in tough. Yes he is if you're mark version and you have all this money and you just went to the stanley cup final. I you really went after all because he thought he might get them. Offer sheeting lula morello. That's another one but this is a week. We saw suitor in. Parisi bought outright. So god only knows what can happen now. Speaking of suitor my first thought would keep got bought. It was exit. yandle inter suitor. Here's what i'm hearing about ryan suter. I think that's going to slow down until after the expansion draft and then i think teams when they have a bit more clarity about their own situations and souder has some more clarity about their situations that picks up again a thought on the panthers buying yo yandle. They wanted to protect forsling. Anybody's who's lee surprised here and i do think there'll be plenty of interest in yandle i. I think he'll be in a situation where he's very comfortable to go to power. Plays important very popular teammate. Uh-huh and i think you'll pick based on fit as opposed to anything else. So i don't think he's going to have trouble finding a place at all. Could you see boston there. That's been rumored for a thousand years. It seems like right jeff and if yandle wants to do that now. He's got the opportunity to do that. And i know a lot of people are always wondering about taylor hall. There was a time when i thought there was potential deal in the drawer here. I'm less convinced that's the case right. Now we'll see you know. I think there's a lot of teams poking around on hall. We'll see what ends up happening with him. One another thing. We should mention for the florida. Panthers congratulations anthony declare last time. Does it all by himself. No agents required This year a three year deal nine million dollars so an avia. Three million for anthony declare. Who's really found himself. A home with the florida panthers. Okay let's wrap it there Don't forget by the way new. Podcast coming out on monday taken us. Oh today man. From london england who've been putting out music since two thousand eleven the debut record in joy while alas brought the band a great deal of attention and a number of festival dates as well since then specter has released a number of great albums and singles from their extended play ep. Here's half-life by specter. On thirty one thoughts the pike john place thank..

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