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Who matter most i learned this from bob davis my early mentor bob was phenomenal stay connected with people he'd worked with decades before and this was back in the eighties and early eighties so this is pre internet pre broad availability to email bob took it upon himself to constantly stay in contact to basically put people on a list and he would about every six weeks touched somebody on top of that list we had probably like fifteen or twenty people and he would go out and touch them and i learned this from him now as we've progressed we've got email we got facebook and look i don't think those camp i make an effort to actually call somebody or get a time scheduled with them to call and actually have a conversation and it's not about hey do i want something from them or i need them help on a project it's just staying connected hearing what's going on in their personal life their professional life how their kids dealing you know how's that new project that they're working on just staying connected and again i don't constitute electron ix as qualifying just sending whipping somebody often an email or sending facebook mousters message or something does not qualify and this is one that's allowed me to stay connected to people you know for many many years ago that justed the list i've added people list i've taken people off the list over the years of my career but i can tell you the people that have been on the list are the ones that have had so much influence in me being able to progress my career because we had that more in depth personal relationship they knew what might desires were they knew where i was at professionally they knew kind of where my head was thinking kind of thing i like to do and when new opportunities came up they actually approached me and if i look back over probably the.

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