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Six seven zero seven six start your message for the keyword sandy i was talking about the terrorist attack the latest terrorist attack in london which happened overnight right i this had a different focus than in the past this time you had somebody who is trying to come auslin specifically and basically said uh as the as the irate witnesses closed around him said hilmi and then said i did my bit as he tried to mowed down people who were leaving the tara we we which is a late night prayer observed during ramadan from the mosque and then the vans truck and people say deliberately drove into people coming out one victim was stuck under the wheels of people from the maas managed to lift a vehicle and and pull them out and you know the police in london and evolving to put extra security around mosques you know especially during during uh during ramadan in london mayor citykhan is urging people to remain calm and vigilant but it was he the videos you can see afterwards of the aftermath show you know scenes of chaos as people are trying to help the injured you see one man giving cpr two victims street will another man's head injuries bound up is somebody's article of clothing and you see this footage showing a suspect who is described as looking indifferent when he didn't care waving as he was put into the back of a police van and prime minister theresa may confirmed the incident there was being treated as a terror attack and she called an emergency meeting was called the cobra committee this is theresa may cut number three place this was an attack on muslims near that place of worship and like all terrorism in whatever form it shares the same fundamental goal it seeks to drive us a pause this morning we have seen a sickening attempt to destroy those free james this government will act to stamp out extremist and hateful ideology yeah yeah it sounds like terrorism to me to theresa i think it sounds pretty pretty horrible you know um you know at the van race dumb the buslane before swerving in mowing down members of the public whether he was you know looking for for uh muslims are non muslims doesn't really matter at this point uh we got to figure out a way to save energy babe our heating bills are crazy see.

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