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At one hundred twenty three two hundred twenty four dollars and a few in the beef at one ninety-six prices there last week. Were at one hundred twenty two dollars and one ninety three one ninety six respectively choice box beef cut out values dollars five cents lower wednesday afternoon at two hundred eighty dollars two cents one hundred weight select was two dollars and sixty five cents lower at two fifty eight seventy corn future close mostly six to ten cents lower with fall through pressure from the waspy and soybean futures closed mostly four to seven cents lower cavs and fear cal sold mixed at the weekly wednesday alcoa's monitored by calcutta steer sold steady three dollars higher at okay c. west arena. Oklahoma were fifty five hundred and forty eight hundred. Heifers traded one to four dollars. Higher steer heifer calves sold a steady undertones amid limited comparisons at bassett livestock auction in nebraska steers. Wayne eight hundred fifty two nine hundred fifty pounds. Trade steadied four dollars lower spayed heifers wayne eight hundred. Fifty pounds sold two dollars higher. There are forty two hundred ninety head on offer steers wayne seven hundred to nine hundred seventy five pounds sold unevenly steady at winter livestock and dog city were thirty four hundred and fourteen hit steer cavs wing. Four hundred. Seven hundred pounds sold two to five dollars. Higher heifers weigh eight hundred two nine fifty soul two dollars higher but steady two dollars lower at six hundred eight hundred pounds steers wayne. Five hundred to five fifty sold four dollars lower at kissed. Livestock can man. Dan north dakota but steers wayne five fifty to sixty sold three to four dollars. Higher efforts wayne four hundred fifty to five hundred. Pounds traded four dollars higher and then seven dollars higher at five hundred fifty two six hundred pounds. There were twenty five hundred fifty five head on offer finally steers weighing less than six hundred fifty pounds sold steady the six dollars higher at heslop. Stock market in nebraska. Heffer sold steady to four dollars. Higher they're fourteen hundred to head on offer major. Us financial indices closed mixed on wednesday news was mixed to the consumer price index for all urban consumers increased zero point four percent in september on a seasonally-adjusted basis after rising zero point three percent in august according to the us bureau of labor statistics lee food and energy out of the equation and the month-to-month increase was zero point. Two percent the all items index increased five point four percent over the last twelve months before seasonal adjustment. Minute from the federal reserve meeting in september suggest stimulus tapering could begin as soon as next month that was expected. The dow jones industrial average closed fractionally lower the s and p five hundred closed. Thirteen points higher and the nasdaq was up. A hundred and five point up the man provided a tailwind for the meeting street in recent months but the full effect of inflation is expected to test consumers appetite for meat during the fourth quarter according to analysts with co banks null exchange. Division pandemic disrupted supply chains. Have plenty to do with recent inflationary pressure. According to a new co bank quarterly report supply chains are arguably in the most dire condition since the start of the pandemic as lead times for manufacturing inputs recently reached record highs analysts there say persistent supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are adding significant costs to business operations and consumers will feel these effects through higher prices for months to come dan kowalski vice president of the co bank knowledge exchange division at supply chain snarls are likely to persist well into twenty twenty two and so will elevated inflation. He says the latest producer price index data for august was up twenty percent year over year while the consumer price index increased. Just five point two percent. So it's clear that many businesses are passing only a small portion of those cost increases on to the final consumer. We expect that will change. In the months ahead and many businesses will raise prices rapidly. Rising input costs and product shortages are hitting agriculture particularly hard as agricultural commodity. Prices have flattened in inflation compresses margins according to the report however analysts say robust exports have kept much of agriculture and the black.

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