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When MTV was really still playing a lot of videos the way that they show you how did the Stop Action and how they did. The frame by frame painting of things that were in shot how they had a direct Gabriel the stuff about the dancing chickens all that and how they pulled it all off is in the documentary we were talking about. So that's something you want to check out if you get a chance yet, it's called classic albums. I think it's on Amazon prime or access TV. So you check it out. They have some incredible albums in that series I, think they did like ten seasons of. It but there are a lot of good albums that have been put together and rock and roll. So it's a good series to check out if you WANNA learn a little bit about some of that incredible music you're listening to. It'll tell you how they got the beginning of Red Rain, which is the next single from the album comes out in summertime somewhere in there between don't give up it in your eyes and the release. Red Rain actually met Peter Gabriel it was so cool. Did. You have a conversation with him. Well, I had to look it up marcus because there was a long time ago but it was November Thirtieth Nineteen eighty-six Peter Gabriel was in town for the so tour and I was working with John Developing Mr. he was there then and I kinda got the word that I should come to the back room of the press box at. The spectrum, the Old Philadelphia, air conditioned spectrum, which is no longer there, and when I walk in the door, there's John Sitting casually chatting with Peter Gabriel and I got to spend a few minutes with them. I just found that being around him made you feel more peaceful or relaxed, and it was really nice and he was very nice. But that was an incredible night and. Just love shows we can talk about that. Maybe in the second half, we could talk more about that because I'm still digging into the singles. We're talking about a lot of records that were released a radio and you look at it one, two, three, four major chart-topping airplay records for Peter Gabriel on the so record and that's what drove the sales and made it legend. In a documentary one of the things I really enjoy and we were talking about it a little bit before we crack the Mike's when they got to the point where sledgehammer was almost done they realized that it might sound better if they put some horns on it. And they could use the fairlight I suppose but they actually went and contracting Wayne Jackson and the memphis horns and his part in there is really funny. Actually that's who's playing those horns those trademark horns on sledgehammer. It's so funny when Wayne Talks about his participation in the recording of sledgehammer and how he was told what they wanted and he's like I can do that. We can do that no problem we got it but he was like man, all these guys are so. Weird and different, and we're good at talking to people and he was really warm and friendly. But he was like I've met basically I seemed like he was saying I've met so many musicians that are so unique and so different that I've had to learn how to adapt, adapt and be able to talk to all of them and to be able to relate to all of them and he did, and if you listen to the horns the horror, they're ferocious on that album..

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