Brazil top court's ruling could free ex-President Da Silva


The former Brazilian president Luiz in S. you lot to sell that remains popular even though he's been in jail since April last year in fact in the run up to the last election in twenty eighteen he was seen as the front runner he says the corruption charges against him were politically motivated and designed to stop him returning to power he's already serving an ATM terminally this year was given a further twelve yes sentence for corruption but now he's been given hope of release by closely watched decision in the Brazilian Supreme Court for my audio just Sayes walks in mostly me choose those she was more by a majority of votes within the limits of the respectful which cost the action was upheld by a margin of six to five the judges ruled that convicted criminals should be allowed to exhaust all that pales before being jailed so does that mean Lula could soon be free the question for our correspondent in Brazil Katie Watson absolutely I think everybody is in prison is waiting to see what happens now and there's no time frame for that but already the that his lawyers have said that they will press for his immediate release but it will also see the release potentially of around five thousand of the convicts on this effectively that this decision means that no longer and will people be looks top Wall status seeking at peel that they'll be able to be free until they've exhausted all their pails say this potentially has a much wider impact but of course the attention is on the

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