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The I have is a Tasmanian she's winning for that state that from at Belmont at without in October of sixty three so I think that's what it must've been construction between the swapped day just to accommodate the construction at one track or the it was four years I it took it took I think four years either was it four years for Aquidneck three years for me and it was it was an extended period yeah I mean absolutely and here on this look at this picture and I'm thinking I just saw joey. NBC Son of the bride farm the originator proprietor his dad and we all the kid goes not too long ago I was at parks and I saw Joey cheesy the sun you know and I said Joe who used to train for your cat burglar Joe Murga they use the net burglar and this was no reflection on his his way of doing business but it was just become at Ryan they would say burglar his business my uncle a lot the nitwits Tasma was a really nice silly sure was and he e I got a picture of her because my uncle had some stuff he was going through and I just wanted to have pictures of my uncle because he wrote up to sixty seven started in forty eight ended in sixty seven and we started walking that taking that stroll down them relate has even mentioned rock rushed and I wrote Rod Roger a couple of times and then I got hurt never low after that but I wrote him and his main race and in his a other than allowance race and then he tried bolt net day with me but he was just learning how to bulk I guess because he really the record aero and he looked like there was no way was gonNA recover that day when when he balked at it the quarter pole independent Serbian an angel guiding back and hand and got his mind back on run and he still won the Derby in spite of giving up the lead at the head of the laying but it's really interesting guys are talking because you come up with so many interesting facts and they just sparks a lot of memories in a and I've got it here Tony the the nineteen sixty his first one Kelso at Akwa the slop actually and then came back at sixty one at acqueduct sixty two was they were able to run at Belmont and then sixty three the at sixty four were back Akwa duct and that's what this Joe Tasma was at accurate up and it was sixty three the mazing how racing the game has adjusted at times when it had to go through transitions and and construction we take a lot of that for Grad I think it's it's a great sport and a course in the forties fifties and sixties I was introduced just do it in the fifties late fifties I realized my uncle was a jockey you know Gordon fifty-one by fifty nine I really started knowing what being jockey was is in in it's an amazing sport in and it was as a kid I can remember going to school and you I second-grade teacher would say to you when you walk in the room jump who do yesterday garden state with Ryan the Tommy Roberts on the radio and sure to feed your from garden state it is but it had so much more exposed back then and it was just needs to be a little kid and your uncle was the jockey and you go to school in second grade teacher him or her out Sam do yesterday it was just really visit was a great area to grow up in being a garden state we've lived around here and I was born uncle lived right down the street and every time I go to Java Complex I can't help but think I'd walk through this area the shopping complex I walked through it and I wonder what born this was I wanted to win more to the racetrack this was yeah and I can't help but to think that like you really turned into no sign of a gun but that's been raging so good to me and I really resisted even when I get on night I voice this morning only got on your credit some lazing how these sources respond to the wind and the crew cab pitchers and I'm thinking to myself here people say we've made these sources you know the people that not you make these horses run and I'm thinking boy you never watched one of 'em crane you idiot because I love what they're doing when you get out there in the morning and one gets the wind up the back and tail up over the back and they're just loving the doc in play and you're on the back open that they go straight because you're you know you're on the back and you WANNA get on back on their back so you get them home and and I'm thinking the ever watch these and play and enjoy what they're doing you'd never make that statement that you make these sources Geez how little right now well I tony I spent that part of that segment with with Steve Thumbing through racing manuals and I as you talk and I pulled you up in one of them and according to this you were born right there in Mount Holly right there Mt Holly Hospital and you know when you got the talking about Keelan and Steve was talking about Jaylen Brown bag mentally that came in and you know I can Robert my I look at it when I went down there for a week derived from Mrs Paxton and I miss his bags and had some nice sources I wonder Ashlin states one of the Chris Braces I wanNA keep an amazing two zero ratio and I never forget when we pulled up don't know what the roads were but he mentioned it and you see the beautiful four rail white fence of Kelly farm you know and yeah and when you're driving from Blue Grass Airport airport tune that track and at four rail vengeance ain't enough we got or railway that's beautiful country and I had is your ride down there and spending a week just you know just because it was in the late Saturday and I was just such an enjoyable week didn't go down there to ride running by them this is taxing only wrote a couple races they're both of them that I remember that I want maybe wrote a few others and then one other time I went back to key eliminate eighty one and I won a prep that they use with the Kentucky Derby or whatever what Jerry Myers outdoors classic Gogo and he won a race and hurricanes then I forget what the race was like the floor runner the Lexington I don't know what the name of the race was but it was just a neat place and it was true only the who's raising capital you know get to see the beautiful farms and you know you went out at night eight and back and drove past these beautiful funds nothing who would want to go on a tour to see what horseracing really is about and what breed opinion and the beautiful mayors and stallions and were what they're exposed to the beauty and care and everything the love of racing that is displayed by everyone who goes to goes to that track and I mean you had young kids 'cause there'd be a day that they entertain the college kids of the young go very big big big you think man this is what racing it really when you go to Gaylon or you go to an event like that really you your whole outlook on horse racing and what a beautiful split it really is so I think Steve's publicist for for these tours and also there is the the initiative that several of the farms put together it's gotTa be now probably was five years I'd bet the Horse Country Initiative and Mike Michael Blown is part of this too with the with the after care portion and creating a destination the whole horse tourism concept that really when you're right it is a perfect compliment to everything else that goes on and and particularly the racing product the afternoons and my hat's off to these guys I mean they do a lot to put the word out there what racing's early about and they go to the next level they actually show you these places these beautiful farms and it's really like I said at your whole outlook on racing and Qinglin what a beautiful track of the beautiful grandstand and the grey stone construction and a better place could you go to introduce somebody to racing

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