The Frozen Meals Haul


Today's episode is the frozen meals hall frozen you know what that means everything came from the freezer aisle we're cooking right I mean we're not gonna eat it as a as a popsicle that would be funny you know when I was a kid I used to make these frozen weavers chicken dramas and I would have no patience because you couldn't like thought in the microwave you couldn't there were no cheats I would just put him in the toaster oven if it was supposed to be twenty five minutes I format after fourteen and just eat them all frozen or they they were fully cooked I though yeah okay so they were cold icicle chicken legs I was an animal do that with things that I if I do it for says like two and a half minutes all at two fifteen I can't wait the extra fifteen seconds I'll take it out so it has a little ice in the middle bears hopefully today these finds will not right half that all right so what what do you got here today Michael Okay this is a strange one on you can now take an AC bath the lemonade and Blue Raspberry and cherry the ice by they now have bath bombs oh you make bath and you put the bomb in there and you can soak in lemonade cherry or blue raspberry yeah don't drink it though because that's probably ooh who would want to turn your honor was drinkable soup in Blue Raspberry so they've been spotted dollar general stores but you can also get online at a site called Holler dot com and we can link to that on the how lar- alario would you take I e Senator Beth I mean I probably was so obsessed with icees when I was a kid but I was angry at them too because they were the drinks unlike slurpy by the way isis tastes better but I like the Cherry and the about them as when you put the straw in you cannot move the straw the icy stops working it does not function in the Cup if the straws moved so I just remember being a kid if somebody grabbed it or you bumped into your would be ruined it's terrible terrible so slurpy I wonder what came first slurpee or the icy the icy maybe it'll be chew to or false question in an upcoming episode and now I'm confused too because like AC so seven eleven is the slurpee right so where did ice get sold I just felt like carnival Oh yeah that's right you'll have the movie theaters like my niece Lauren who the Vegan was like can you take me to the local theater for dinner so I could get a giant tub of buttered popcorn an icy so I did that moved in that so I wanted to be a good and anyway so today we have frozen meal finds that came from various and sundry supermarkets and other places and and I'm so excited to try them as a lot of and they look great in a lot of plant based stuff not because were vegetarian just because there's a lot of stuff out there but we're going to start with some breakfast fines right we have rooster and Lark skillets and they come in three flavors rocky mountain Greek and South West thirty to forty calories I'm assuming without the eggs so these are the kind of yeah they're just add things so you throw these into skillet you cook them then you add eggs I love this trend it's like dumbing down and omelette wonder if this would work in an egg Mug I bet might get wonderful get watery we could try it all right so let's try them I don't know where they're available but Jamie he's going to tell you so these by the way have one smart point of serving you can find them at high vis a whole foods shop right and more you can even order them online and we're GONNA be starting with the southwest skillet so it's avocado butternut squash onion bell pepper you remember how the frozen avocado debacle let's see what the it's watery or gross in any way I will not enjoy it I'm GONNA put it in Iraq in Rome I'm the thing is like I this doesn't seem like a ton of egg to me it's like Africa okay you would do I would add more egg to this but there's no rule I would add because I egg great taste fresh he's like a diner scramble mikey could not be making more notice is the new lally we now so this is South West yes how's it taste is it well seasoned it's wall season it's it's okay I'm not a lot of good my Egbo with like laughing how it's kind of bland ends a little salt but everything needs a little salt so Ireland's tributary yeah we're gonNA plow through the breath this one is rocky mountain. What does that mean hockey mountain so this is chopped sweet potato onion and bell pedal sweet potato Kale on all right here you go we're GonNa try got a fair warning because I know you don't like some of these it's got Rosemary thyme Regen Oh boy so much rosemary I always say she's such a jerk yeah you hate those married Rosemary tastes like Maximus cream if anyone agrees with me they should write in text you because it tastes like like nausea skin cream I don't know it's too much rosemary I've never thought about rock nausea I could see that I guess my dad used to put it on his face like lewd long vacation when he got a sunburn he would put it on his face and like watch him and then I would play with my hands and times I ate it so I would know what it tastes like I didn't eat it on purpose but I would accidentally taste it and it tasted like Rosemary also when you face gets in your nose and so you kinda get that whole thing in your nostril grotesque anyway that's not that's not my favorite flavor well this one is the Greeks Gila look shop mushroom Cherry Tomatoes Spinach Fettucini he's right I'm hoping Mike fetter fetter is better right we're going to try new that's good thank you that was good Oh did anyone get that off the frozen avocado in the first one I didn't I saw it and I voted it the best you go how many calories in the week one thirty it's weird because everybody's out a little bit of butter in there but there's probably not right data the fat yes definitely the this one's forty yeah nice it's got the cheese I would eat though I like the Greek one all right again those are rooster skillets we will link to a store locator yes and I'm so glad that we tried all three member we were debating combat third one is definitely the recommend Asian show okay moving on we are moving onto some trader Joe's products trader Joe's we have trader joes mildly sweet and spicy beef and Broccoli mildly sweet and spicy is it mildly sweet and mildly spicy? No that's a good question and it comes in a big bag yep big green bay Ugh so it's multiple serving K.. This is one that's one serving Yeh Cup with the sauce doesn't large how many cowry shells so this is two thirty pretty small portion for that to thirty eight grams of fat nine grams of protein and nine smart points oh well you know what it looks like the is the beef breaded it looks breaded Broccoli's not supposed to be ready to leave British beef that is unnecessary that's not true delicious I'd say it's very sweet eight and almost very spicy most really grown it's delicious is it worth it I would load it up with more Broccoli leave and then maybe it would be worth it look a giant bowl for what two hundred thirty two thirty yeah that's what time I go to the dentist there's plenty of sauce Yup exactly so you had more edge and you're good okay that's a trader Joe's and you can find it a truth now we have trader Ming's should Taki mushroom chicken so this is real chicken for one cop it's a hundred and eighty calories eight grams of fat twenty grams of protein and it's good this one has got you're talking mushrooms at Amami Green beans and ginger soy sauce okay so these choice of white meat chicken this is not breaded I see little pieces of Eta Mommy and green beans it's all there and this is also a big multi serving bag how many servings in the back I think it is just I love talking mushrooms do I do I love I love restrooms think this is anything special the chickens a little robbery in a way that I don't expect from trader Joe's either outlier I love it because I love Chautauqua Mushrooms rubbery chicken I do it's like my favorite thing rubber chicken reheated as such a hit and Miss drink and this one is only four smart points by the way okay good well you might like it and if you add more veg again you can get a nice big bulky it's good as like a fallback uh-huh keep that in your freezer and if you have some fresh vegetables you can just throw it in I feel like that's the biggest hungry girl take away when it comes to frozen meals is always have in addition into those frozen meals a bag of frozen veg yeah and keep Mixim I do I get Broccoli slaw and I keep Broccoli slaw in my fridge at all times and I just use it as much as possible for those of you don't know what Broccoli Slaw is I get it in the produce section and it's Broccoli stems that have been shredded carrots and Purple Cabbage Yummy uh-huh okay we're moving onto meatless this is sands meat I up morningstar farms popcorn chicken chicken so it's fake chicken plant based chicken twelve pieces two hundred calories eight grams of fat grams of fiber so it's so must be fried they they are they're cute you you need twelve of them when Aaron saw these errands ago when she saw this she flipped she like we got goes directly she was dancing in the hallways dancing on the highway it tastes like a stuffing ball so these a half a point each I like that you get

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