Kuhn Maker, Sharon Moore And Ben Mason discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast


Kuhn maker has has really ascended as a football player pass catcher and and as a blocker because you just got it you just gotTa do it in that Room Sharon Moore has done a done a great job of that a source of pride and blocking is is the name of the game and that will lead to the to the receptions and and and things of that nature so that's been terrific and he said you point out Ben Mason of course that's do we have a more favorite player on the team I don't think we do and then the the the not in defense every time he was in the game in the back there is forty two forty two's right there he's right there he was you know where he's going who is blocked ah you guys are doing a great job with him as you laid him up and he can where you come across the four may not always running direction the old days of the wall back salacious linebacker I know he is coming back we'll take your right to the ball it's not anymore blocking the defensive end on the other side he could be blocking the defense and to his I could be in in a certain himself in blocking any linebackers along the line of scrimmage and not just him I mean the other tight ends are doing that too I think that's really in have gotten better to the receiver blocking is is improved you know really steadily especially over the last two three weeks and they're they're sending that that that played a huge role in rushing for over three hundred yards in the game true Wilson's touchdown the Patterson answer

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