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You have a lot of knowledge as a consumer as well as somebody it's kind of working in the beaten so which is very different to me names because we are consumers that just kind of do the research and help the consumers or at least try to every single week but we saw a really nice way to kind of get the ball rolling with you being Pov eh a skin would be talk about a dream routines so obviously you have all of kind of like a background is care and we also we after a few things now and again and we obviously still have to spend all of our expendable income in skincare shops so we thought we'd run through our dreams routines I think it helps nice as well in this'll studio hurts quite a variety like a wide range of skincare concerns as well so yes sign it gives tiffany toe in everything really nice well Ames shall we get through yours I don't want spotlight all right so I have like quiet combination oily dry skin I don't you know I don't know what is anymore you know I don't know is complete is just skin it's just it's just on my face I don't want any more attention to it but no it's it's a very weather dependent it's very very oily an extremely dry in the winter or overall say it's combination or the dry because yes and sensitive your massive cow even forget though I have no idea hugely since I can't forget it so we're going to start off with kind of like a little well if structure in a routine haven't waste off with McLennan's it see elements pro collagen cleansing bom It's odd just lover Grace this was also yours then we we like have you ever so much in the name of light the two people and like just connected with like a wave uh-huh me included but yeah I just love it a lot of the consistency of it the texture is so nice I love the it feels on his skin it smells and say fail it literally it just it will it's it's yellow as well so it looks and reminds me butter but yet oh blustery it's just so smooth on my cows come on pitch it to me sell it to me like it just melts it's like a balm isn't it and it turns into an oil around yeah it's just insane it's just I have to admit I have smells it does smell lovely I must say Schnell I don't use it like all the time because I'm scared of it now because it's not mega mega folks but it's also like a Kinda just want to say if you're like I want to put it in a little glass box and just keep it I'm talking like a million quid Israeli not I think it's like forty five pounds eighty five but it's like it's like a treat for me when I use it as like when I'm feeling like I'm right get your shit together misprint mom get your elements like butter out an obey Gloria like sparring ajar Mike God Christ stay day sparring absolutely they'll just beautiful the only way describe on it's quite a big job you don't use that much you do quiet in it this is where we announced amy is in a relationship I'm pregnant with a recount amazing so I mean you've you've summed the prices of cleansing bomb I have sung the praises but right I kind let's be realistic with you guys as well so you know I've got quite a lot cleanses am born in terms of cleansing and I don't think I've ever met this chair I am it's no anyway I'm quite lazy yeah no very so a lot of the time I will use and I can never pronounce this the Masella missile how do you pronounce I say my I don't know how I say Messiah say also that I think I say Mr Mussa I think even if you don't I'm so confused that conflict I just loved like I use that every single day dots my go-to cleanser if we're talking about absolute dream routines yeah because it's just a couple of we are will yeah Yeah so onto Tony I've gone for the heels colangelo toner now a lot of loyalism all know how much I rave about the Clinton Sheila Yeah Range I just love I absolutely love it it's just so soothing and Carmen and I think that's the whole Colangelo I'm not yeah I'm GonNa say tails once I mean I've been a few times and I was just thought that because Boorda thought give me a attain I might because of my skin type they literally gave me so much of the Colangelo Rain just really good for like sensitive and drive it's just so soothing I think that's the only way I can really describe quite pricey for tone though which is sought talk about dream routines yeah so the is my dream cleanser toner Gio we have got like ceremony as SPF Mossbacher. Listen to my voice much now so I want to hear from you guys and go around in the Circle Okay Fab grace you all go to cleanser is the also the animists pro collagen cleansing ball Yeah I I love the cleansing bomb I think it's like the nicest way to me you can make up because you're not just stripping riffing off your skin you feel like you put something better than I do actually use Masala water as well Oh my God almost I room John Doe Paul with the same and yes well I normally use uh-huh just get everything off my face then go in with the cleansing ball yeah and I like to spend a lifetime massaging in 'cause I feel like it Scott the right kind of consent but in a chore you're just you're enjoying your cells enjoying washing you Faye Dream Tony Grace Dream toner would be the FRAC Kochta's also actually lactic acidosis so it's a explanation kind of alternative to a scrub and that yeah I just Soak compared and he's it maybe two or three times a week yeah I was going to say without being locked cuss it how often do Jeez it. PM and the piano I wouldn't anything like vitamin C. on them after it kind of just let it sit and do it seeing me put my moisturizer on but yeah it's very gentle so like I think it'd be a nice one fee to try tasty because it doesn't stain his whole it's not like a really strong guide call it in the market for an exfoliating it just can't find one that works well for me yes such a SOB story I care about all of your dream routines I just want to know what's good for me I'm Gonna I'm GonNA listen to this it's dangerous avenue her because I felt the law danger us well I am not the person that doesn't have elements as their favorite cleanse so I my favorite cleanse it is the Kim Ledge Capri Clinton's bomb the step one oh she's a boo boo she go and the reason I like it so much is because it's kind of like the consistency I can imagine your LMS Clinton Baez obviously it's a bomb but they give you this kind of really gentle little rubber finger like appropriate type thing so that you can message in a little bit more than that feels really nice like you said you like semi Sarge Duffield's amazing and it's very much like would not use all the time but if so if I'm going out and if one heavy makeup I will use that to make sure everything's off and then I will go in with the kneeled low-viscous t semester I think it's literally just called LV C. plus the full name friend and it's kind it reminds me of a missile awards because it you literally just put it on rubber around a bit and then give you couldn't just wipe off right this one you can do that with but then also has this really love negative reviews because when you use hi oily and then when you wash it off it's like water on a dog's bark just dislike slides off its a bit like that but then as soon as you like pie drive the towel it leave your skin dead soft and like Supposin plumpy Nice yeah sucker film after Lewis People may see why a were a fan of that yeah yeah yeah I think as a Ah Dry Gal I'm absolutely love it and it's an can take scarf at the same time and in terms of tone I have gone for your hated product teams I don't hate it you know I did use Minoza an offer the glossy solution I honestly we did I did four weeks not makeup did not ex- journey yeah we did it before and after officer wasn't wearing make anyway so that was an improvement in my skin but then I was using the solution and kind of carried on with that and then run out of it and didn't really hi it for whatever reason and then as I got maybe I'll just try again and then as soon as I re boy within like a month Motzkin had completely played up and then when I went to couldn't take it with me 'cause it was too big for hand luggage on my skin just was a bit kind of out of touch with the weather being so cold and I was really high up amount Tinson stuff but then it just didn't react very well at all to play as soon as I came started using atom bomb again like a few other little spots that only

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