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Here in east Lansing rob Bennett with you along with a very special guest will get to him in a moment actually you know I will say right now Marvin right Michigan state football I'm from nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety six a player welcome aboard glad to have you glad to be here like I said before indeed as our crew prepares to leave New Jersey as Michigan state with a very impressive shutout victory against rockers exactly what not the team needed what coach needed what the fans needed I mean this was a win to get everybody back on the right track as a whole is still in the picture from Michigan state yes Sir and that's what we want to at this point we can get the big win against Michigan now we want to get the six wins so we can play an apple season all right is now time for our game ball side windows game changing performance and there was a bunch of them however we are going with a young man a junior wide receiver Cody white who had a career day with eleven receptions a hundred and thirty six yards and three touchdowns in here's what the first touchdown of his three of the day third down.

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