More than two dozen killed in Congo plane crash


But we're gonna go to the Democratic Republic of Congo now an update you on a major story from that dozens of people have died following a plane crash in the eastern part of the country a small passenger plane apparently crush says soon after take off and the BBC's guys co any joins us now from Kinshasa I just tell us the story what information do we have to take the of the number of casualties in who was on board guys well the the number of casualties in this plane crash actually depends on who you talk to the ministry of transport stock a boat twenty six people who died as a result of this crash however the office of the mayor in Goma was talking about twenty nine to you still around the same number and another thing we know about this this crash is that the blame the owner on technical fault that is a very vague term but he doesn't see exactly what went wrong if there was a human error are involved or eve it's a hundred percent Regis fault too those are questions that still need to be answered and the minister of transport in in Kinshasa you'll see that the they will start an investigation and we are expecting to hear from them in the coming days the thing with no easy also yes no no no go on please tell us to tell us more yeah the other thing we know also is that the reason and the ministry of talked about survivor will who apparently did not die is from from the the the plane crash sue this is one good news at least about this plane crash however it's something that has left the walled town of Goma traumatized people with very Saad yesterday of course more widely is there as always is in the background a wider discussion about airline safety how much of an issue is that and TLC unfortunately something that is a always talked about when the reserve a plane crash one thing worth noting is that most of I mean the Congolese for example airline most of an airline companies from DR see a note a load to fly in the in the European species or even in the the you American space espys and that's because of safety issues the don't try the these governments don't trust and the quality of the flight that I've been using that the planes are very old and usually he poorly maintained so those are some issues that have always been there in DRC and we are waiting to see if this will push the government to to do something concrete or if things would continue the way they have always been cast as a many thanks indeed cosco waiting joining us from the capital of DLC

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