Explainer 185: Bobi Wines red beret


The current experiences of the United States should you would think they'd all nations for roll time from allowing celebrities usually entertainers or sports folk loose in the political sphere. It should of course be noted that the US is not not presently unique in succumbing to this fully Ukraine's. President is a comedian Liberia's of football Pakistan's. Prime Minister is a cricketer later. Dozens of lesser offices around the world are held by people who were helped into them buying name recognition acquired in other fields. Well let me tell you something. The answer is clear for the people to win. Politics as usual must lose so things considered it is not that all surprising that a popstar should fancy himself president Uganda Amazon Robert Trigger Alani Santana who performs under the name bobby wine was elected elected to Uganda's parliament in two thousand seventeen he stood as an independent in a by election in Dondo East and one big. I've come the parliament at a very sensitive time. I've just taken an oath to defend resolve and protect the constitution of the Republic Sleep of Uganda and that is going to be my major major goal right now since then wine has positioned himself for the next presidential election due in two thousand and twenty one among the symbols identifying his movement is the red beret worn by whine and his appearance it bears an emblem of of a clenched fist over a map of Uganda and the Motto People Power Our power but not for much longer if a new rule announced by Uganda's the government is observed a useful regulation has been discovered under which it is against the law for civilians to sport military clothing and some units of the Ganden People's defence force notably its military police wear red berries therefore the wearing of the red beret by non soldiers is henceforth punishable by up to five years in the clink. Bobi wine is among those skeptical that this decision is exclusively motivated by a desire to protect the integrity of the Ugandan army's insignia. It is wind said a sham. It is a blatant attempt to suffocate a successful threat to the autocratic status quo. This is pretty obviously correct. It also prompt the interesting question of exactly Walt Uganda's powers that be scared off at which point joint a recap of Uganda's powers that be or more accurately is this area peaceful full in spite of the nobody would start with a piece of Uganda Yoweri Musevenei now seventy five has been president of Uganda since one thousand nine hundred eighty six and plans to run again in two thousand and twenty one by the standards of Ugandan presidents most of any hasn't done a bad job but those standards were set by Idi Amin and Milton Obote both mad and terrible men Mussolini any to his credit played a considerable role in toppling both however as is invariably the case with overstaying and under challenged leaders. Musevenei has become complacent and his government corrupt Transparency International's global corruption index ranks Uganda slightly less bent than as a John which is basically owned by one family and slightly more so than the Central African Republic which is barely governed at all Uganda's population is young young more than three quarters of its people have been born during Musevini's rule and did he is restless certainly sufficiently so to take its chances with sorry pop singer. It's what they bring me. Wine can and claim reasonably that the leap from musician to politician is not in his case a long one. He has been keen campaigner on several issues and many the songs he has recorded in his studio in Cam. What you're a disheveled neighborhood of Kampala have addressed social injustice to the extent that in August he he was charged with intending to alarm annoy or ridicule President Musevini. Yeah this is not the only legal jeopardy presently hanging over wine he also faces charges of incitement to violence and treason and potentially a life sentence. If convicted wine claims that these charges are politically motivated and it would be very far from the first time that Musevini the people acting on his behalf have attempted to arrest opponents into submission invoking article twenty nine of the Constitution. We've got Dante's every citizen the right to assemble and demonstrate we are going to do this peacefully and take me on on the clube wine says he and his supporters. I will continue to wear the red beret. This is arguably a missed opportunity wine cooed by choosing something else. Just striking have have highlighted the silliness of Viennese edict and jettison the baggage associated with this particular item of Hillary in non-military circles. St Red Berry is an almost invariable choice of revolutionary posers and or populist scoundrels from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to Julius Melena. Amo in South Africa wine would be within his rights admittedly to retort that it costs more of a dash than the disheveled floppy brimmed Bush hat long favored favored by Mussolini and also if it comes to a rap battle on the strength of Musevini's endeavors in this realm wine will up. I'm monocle twenty four amount.

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