Justice Neil Gorsuch Tells Us What Life Is Like on the Supreme Court


That'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous right now because there have been one hundred hundred fourteen Supreme Court justices in the history of the United States and we are joined by one of them today. Our guest is just as Neil Gorsuch also author of public if you can keep a bit which is now a New York Times bestselling Book Justice Gorsuch. Thank you so much for joining us today. It's a delight to be here. The last time I was at the Bush library was during the ground breaking ceremony good morning moving some dirt. You've made some progress. We've got we are really proud of that progress to and we have a special co host today. Toby young was with the Bush Center from the start until she left recently spent a year as a clerk at the Supreme Court for Justice Gorsuch. Her title here was legal counsel but really she was a lead voice of Wisdom. Toby really glad you're back today. Thank you Andrew. It's wonderful to be back and see so many great friends and to get to bring justice gorsuch to see the library. Toby just finished her year with me and you realize according to our librarians. She's apparently the first enrolled tribal member to ever serve. There's a law clerk at the Supreme Court reading that it's which which is it chickasaw chickasaw which what side of your family's not from it's my father's side. That is amazing that we've had that as many people that have come through working there. You're the first and it also goes to show that the that you bring in multiple voices and I think that's a huge part of being a part of our government a few western Voice Colorado as like yourself and in Oklahoma Toby's very proud western voices so justice. This is gorsuch. I've started reading your book a republic if you can keep it and there's some great civics lessons in there but before we really get to civics and history. I wanted to talk a little bit about what it's like like being on the Supreme Court. I think there's a bit of a mystery there for a lot of us and the way you described it. Almost sounds like just any other office in the United States in any other workplace. What what is fly fly on the Supreme Court It's both very different than any of the workplace and very much the same. It's obviously an honor and humbling privileged. Come come to work in a place where only one hundred fourteen men and women have ever served in the work we do important. There's no question about it at the same time. It's nine people to small office. Only a couple of hundred people in the whole building people get to know one another care for one another. I clerked. They're twenty five three years ago and there are even employees. They're remember me or claim to from my days a law clerk about that and we do have fun together. I mean I think that's one thing we don't hear enough about in our fractious click. Ah World is that people are still people. An even justices are people we shake hands every time and we get together no matter how difficult to moment or tends to the issue and that traditions gone on for fifty years or so we eat lunch together the most days that we have argument or conference which is most dates and of course the government so it's bring your own lunch. we sing happy birthday to one another. We have holiday parties where we also sing very very badly but enthusiastically toby brought her daughter in participated in one of our annual events. Won't you tell them about that toby. Well a little known secret is the justices offices put on a trick or treat party for the children of the employees at the Supreme Court but even better my justice justice gorsuch escorted the kids to every every office and I can tell you who maybe had a little more fun than anyone and it was just a wonderful event to have pictures with Romley meeting justices pisses and other children and just you know she was because Justice gorsuch loves families and has two girls of his own. He really allowed her to be sort of the mascot of chambers this year she wrote her tricycle down the hall and got to know everybody and little things you would never guess happen behind the doors of the Supreme

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