STEMinists: Lubna of Cordoba


The story of a woman who you may or may not know about but definitely should each month is themed and this month. We're talking talking about. Stimulus women who accomplished incredible feats in science technology engineering and mathematics today they were heading back to Tenth Century Cordoba to the Islamic enlightenment in Spain are stem in east of the day was a brilliant polymath herself and also so help to foster one of the greatest intellectual environments the world has ever seen. Let's talk about Lubna of Cordoba very little is known about Loubna's early life including the issue was born but historians generally agree that she was a palace slave girl of unknown but likely Christian origins. This would not have been unusual. Andalusia as slaves played a major role in the economy me there and were commonly found in the Caliphs household slaves were often considered much more loyal and trustworthy than the Caliphs own advisers. There's some point in her youth. Lubna earned a fairly considerable education in mathematics reading and writing poetry and philosophy well. This was likely unusual for a slave records show evidence of one hundred and seventy women scribes in and around Florida that time who are responsible for making copies of important and valuable manuscripts so educated women were part of the Andalusian Cultural Afric Lupus talents were recognized early and she was soon promoted Immedi Orrick rise up the palace ranks. She eventually became the main palace secretary and -scribed at the enlightened Calif.. If I'll come the second this essentially made her his closest personal adviser Cordoba the capital of Morrish stain was already one of the great cities of the world and a major tourist attraction of the time for its incredible beauty and enlightened attitudes as such it was a well-funded kingdom and I'll have them the second like his father before him was heavily focused on fostering and open intellectual atmosphere to dry in great minds loop. Noah's a great intellectual in her own right and as personal secretary to the Caliph she played a major role in bringing together famous thinkers fostering. I'm not seen in Cordoba and curing which areas of study received the most funding and knots attention LOUBNA's own intellectual interests were vast cost including poetry calligraphy and philosophy but she was best known for her incredible knowledge and skill as a mathematician multiple multiple sources attest to the fact that she was a great mathematician who mastered the highest levels of math in her day in Luke knows work is a scribe she was not merely a writer and translator she also annotated and commented on the book she transcribed and translated she was responsible entrepot for copying many important texts including works by Euclid and archimedes eighties and she wrote her own commentary on those works too the her work has been destroyed. We know that Lubna advanced the work of the classics with the help of a major technological advancement the number zero and the concept of zero had eluded the Greeks and its invention allowed for the simplification of complicated computations loop no was reported to have been so refund of math and so interested in popularizing these new easier methods of calculation that she would regularly teach Andalusian children the principles of mathematics matic's and multiplication tables while walking in the streets at Porta her great interest in math also meant that mathematicians were held in particularly clearly high esteem during all calm the seconds rain according to the Great Andalusian historian when it been box you all Lubna mastered the writing and Science of poetry and her knowledge of mathematics was broad and great and she has mastered many any other sciences and there was no one nobler than her in my Tallus Lubna died in the year nine eighty four tune in tomorrow for the story of another incredible Stamina St- special thanks to the one and only Liz Caplan my favorite sister co-creator tomorrow.

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