Nats in driver's seat in the World Series


So all right so the series is not over it's far from over obviously the odds of swung in the nationals favor and if you look at the recent history of series that have started out like this certainly looks like the nationals are in the driver's seat here of the fifty five teams that have ever taken a to a world series lead forty four have won including seventeen in the last eighteen and I think the last eleven I think only the the ninety six Yankees have come czar but also the astor's just lost two games at home so the nationals have home field advantage in there no such as themselves so there could be a comeback here would not be surprised this could potentially get on the board at least because they do have the better starting pitcher in this game maybe they've had the better starting pitcher in every game but the the advantages have been pretty slim but grinky Annabel Sanchez that's a pretty big advantage and I think it was what sort of unsung benefit

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