Filmmaker Barry Levinson on Ukraine scandal


We have an email from Oscar winning director and screenwriter. Barry Levinson. Who writes if this hearing was a fictional oh piece of material it would be presented in a totally different manner? One of the democratic players would ask this question. How is it possible? That president trump was looking into corruption in in Ukraine. Suddenly he is crimefighter has the president has has the president ever tried to end corruption anywhere at any time in his his life over the years he's been found guilty of stealing from his own charity. Also the president has been found guilty of running fake university and stealing money from people who believed in him. The president has paid off women because of his sexual aggressive behavior. Now out of the blue. He wants to clean up corruption in Ukraine not Russia where Putin has killed off opposition players poisoning them in far off countries. President trump has no real problem with the Saudi prince. NBS having his butcher's chop up a Washington Post Post reporter not a real problem or turkeys aggression against Kurds not a big problem but the Ukraine is corrupt. That needs to change. Are we supposed to believe this. Donald Trump wants to clean up corruption. Starting with Biden's son. In Ukraine the Democrats have not yet emphasized this absurdity at the center of the Republican defensive. Donald Trump might that moment. Come in the house. Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings or art in the impeachment trial in the United States. Senate we are joined now by one of the jurors in the possible impeachment trial of Donald J trump if he is impeached by the House of Representatives. Senator Amy Klobuchar is a Democrat from Minnesota and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She is also a candidate for president of the United States. Senator and it's because you're candidate for President United States Florida. I believe you have all you already have the strength but have built up the strength to deal with the kind of frustration. Australian that Barry Levinson is feeling and people all over the country my feeling about this movie person. He knows that truth has become stranger than fiction. I think makes that point. The second thing yesterday member is you can't that long of a question would take your time. The third thing is I think that Adam Schiff I was trying to focus and did a very good job of this on what was in front of him and I think these arguments will be made later but remember this phase of this was gathering offering me evidence from career diplomats career military. I will never forget. Seeing Fiona Hill today I saw snippets of it of course and just her STOIC STOIC nature and the thought of her my favorite story that I read today about her was when she was a little girl in school and some boy behind her set her pigtails on fire and she doused it out with their own hands there. She was and she was focused on what was before her. And that was what Russia did the Ukraine didn't do and I learned from going to Ukraine twice now and once with Senator McCain and Graham I mean Russia tried to influence as as we know in a big way Ukrainian elections they put up a puppet and not only that they invaded their country an annex Crimea so this this thought that it was Ukraine that was the bad actor is absurd and I was really glad that you pointed this out. It's not to say they don't have problems in their country with corruption option but I loved how she explained today that for the president corruption in this case was code word for going after getting dirt on by I they had a different introduction for this segment tonight until I got this email just minutes before the show and what what I thought it captured was the kind of viewer frustration. That there is out. They're in watching this and just to clarify we know that in a courtroom. That wouldn't be admissible if if Donald Trump is on trial for ex. You couldn't bring up all these other things you know that. Art The About his life but this is a different arena. Would we hear something like that said for example in the Judiciary Committee when they're considering impeachment or could that be said that kind of thing be said in the Senate impeachment trial. This is example of evidence because the fact that In this case he was allegedly that corruption crimefighter and when you have other countries and other things that happened including the murder of journalists Jamal Kashogi he showed no care Really absurd relevant. I would think it would be but I think again a lot of this is going to depend pen and what our Republican colleagues do and this is their moment to decide. Are they going to put their country first or not. What would your reaction to Mitt Romney Susan Collins and others having lunch with the president today it disappoints me It's legal or anything like that. I could see if they were going over there on a major issue. That of course would be fine but instead this is what's happening and I just hope that they listened to the evidence and that they remember what this is really about. It's putting private interest partisan interests in front of our

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