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I i'm trying to evolve and so i'm taking basically what i've developed with the website and turning it into a tv show and as you know we have a studio to do those kinds of things I've been able to from the start of what we've been able to do with the the website and with Podcasts and things of that nature and reinvest in the product of to be able to build a studio and to have the editing equipment and shoot it properly and to do it on a level that i felt comfortable with that was professional enough and it is very very eilly done highly professional To do a tv show and the times have changed to to where it's not like it steven spielberg a tv show. It's you know done on skype. It's done on zoom. It's done on different avenues to where you can get the connections that we all have and get good guests and And do the be roll and dress it up properly and get good editors and people that know what they're doing and i know how to edit and do something that i thought which is what i've always wanted to do to do these kind of shows and to have some fun with it and i think when we get done with kovic will get out and get more of the intimate stories features that i'd like to do but with these kind of things you can also do some really cool interviews. So that's one of the things that we're doing with this is doing those interviews and making a lot of fun. So our first show will be with bernie for dirk. Oh crew stronger and bernie mic lists on the first show that we have airing sunday night on fox channel. Two at ten thirty so looking forward to it yet. Chris pronger part of sunday night show. And here's a little bit of chris. Talking about ryan o'reilly new blues captain always first year went. Obviously that roller coaster season that everybody talks about You look at kind of how he led quietly and and with his play and and his ability to compete night in night out You know..

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