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Swear i'd walk six blocks and they're already filthy and mike so maybe plastic shoes aren't such a bad idea other than they're supposed to be bad for your health now and they're bad for the planet of plastic never ever ever goes away whereas leather degrades but that's not vegan to wear leather shoes so now you're plastic shoes it never biodegrade they're environmentally unfriendly and by the way those socalled natural biodegradable apparently have lots of toxic side effects well can't win for losing to san can't win for losing all right well i oh my goodness we're going to check in i are you busy being defensive i'm i'm i feel defensive about that by the way dr ellen hendrickson is gonna join me her latest article in psychology today how to stop getting defensive ten traffic chilton auto body traffic desk southbound two eighty is lightning up trying to get into the downtown san jose area even though the right lane remains closed at the northbound eighty seven and that ramp shut down as well due to a bunch of standing water it might take still a few hours for that to all clear out in the meantime your backup is to meridian if you need to get into the downtown area obviously use bird avenue instead don't us highway eighty seven in addition northbound eight eighty is an alternate is slow from two eighty up to highway one on one northbound eighty five year fremont avenue a crash in the right lane pretty solid backup there from stevens creek southbound one zero one near marsh iraq in.

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