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Threes than normal three four percentage. I don't think was particularly grand. No, it wasn't. She was under 40% for the year. But she was just more involved. And I think if a team, I think there are opportunities for a team that already has a lot of talent that I think she can fit somewhere. I don't know how to make the money work because I think she's young enough and just coming off an all star year that she's going to want more than teams might be willing to pay. But it is an interesting question and to your point, I have the exact same thought. On paper, the best fit is Atlanta. But personality wise, they have to have to move away from her, which by the way, I think kind of stinks because I like Courtney Williams, and I like that she has an edge to her. And maybe there are teams out there that need that. One last one. There's a couple other questions in the chat, but since we're on this trend, there's one last one. Where do you think? Angel McClure, what do you think Adam McCartney's going? Who? Anyone. Man, first of all, it really sucks that we didn't really get honestly like a full run Vegas. No, we never really got to see what Vegas McCourt could pull off. Yeah, if you're a new listener or honestly, if you're a listener as of 2019, angel McCarthy was in the league for a long time doing a lot of good things with the Atlanta dream like 20 points per game every year without fail for the Atlanta dream, but just couldn't get.

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