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It's interesting because it seems that i would have thought in some ways levels the sensible move to make because you've got to reassure the cpp that if you've got lacked and you're not going to threaten our interests you know come to threaten all the little rackets that they've got going on which that built up over the past twenty thirty years you can't just end that overnight and expect things to go well absolutely but at least maybe they could maybe have hope to change the system from within ripe but now apparently as we go into an election year cambodia has an election in august two thousand eighteen apparently the regime is again so unsure about the outcome of these elections study no stars who target the opposition as it did in previous elections are this quite astonishing how the crp miscalculated news is a culture of dialogue while as good read on i think we should also recommend to see you pointed out zulle top store and sorry for hijacking you had to newman mandela the an article about what's happening in in jakarta with the new governor the headline being jakarta's new governor doubles down on identity yeah also have it over the pressing story written by trump opinsky an associate professor at cornell university in the us into southeast asia expert was going on there basically we've had a very contested gubernatorial race in a jakarta about six months ago where basically a muslim candidates a m a tax on a religious grounds his opponent a combatant drew is indonesian christian i e a chinese indonesian and that guy he is now in jail on blasphemy charges and the incoming governor the guy who ran a quite race his campaign has apparently now in his inauguration speech doubled down on his identity politics basically appealed to a primordial sentiments you could say after indonesian electra as very depressing kowoc should ready to be one of the world's largest democracies.

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