Fowler, Meryl Streep discussed on MMAjunkie Radio - 1: Episode 2,538: Tony Ferguson, John Moraga, Bobby Green and Simon Samano


Don't mean streets of west via next right yeah all right you are you know this is different form of combat but do you gain that you continue to gain three credit from you know your your friends back from those days is there contact with them at all uh you know because this is an awesome ko man for anyone to appreciate after i tried to all want people are much worse people studying also i don't know of leak car or meryl streep kid fowler will older away they were not in the streets like that so uh i mean it okay um now another thing i want to ask you when flyweight sir interviewed usually a lot of them just how can i say it they don't seem to give much in terms of what could be next on their road the title how frustrating is it to be in the same division is someone is great as dimitris johnson i mean it seems like for a lot of you that a farm you obviously him losing would be of great benefit because it opens things up otherwise everyone's fighting for a rematch and then you've got some of the young cats that are that are gone informed that have in far but um what's at like being in the same division is one of the alltime greats is frustrating or motivating in that you know maybe you might be the guy to pull it off if you can get back to that spot.

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