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Temp i don't know coming up next a story about oh boy the one of the worst things you can do as a parent is confront somebody else's kids now in this case somebody saw somebody well speaking of peanut butter and jelly somebody saw somebody everybody else's kid eating something and a target and sided they were going to confront somebody else's kid never a good idea but i am on the verge of other parents confronting me about something that that my son is sporting and i'll i'll and i got a problem with it and i'm gonna tell you what it is prince albert next on oh my god oh my god gusting man business owners if you're stuck in a contract for internet and phone service from frontier files well you're stuck with slower internet more expensive prices but don't worry here's a little help for you switch to spectrum business and you'll get one hundred meg internet that's up to four times faster than frontier files and reliable business voice plus you're going to save money every month and spectrum business will buy out your current contract that's right spectrum business will help you get out of your contract c can switch over to superior internet and voice services and unlike frontier files spectrum business doesn't require to sign a contract they don't charge you extra taxes or fees either there is no reason to stay with frontier files call eight five five two four seven one nine six one make that switch to spectrum business today eight five five two four seven one nine six one.

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